Montenegro opens borders for all tourists

Montenegrin authorities are opening the country’s borders this week to all foreign tourists. Previously, not everyone could enter the country.

It will be possible to get to Montenegro without going through quarantine and mandatory PCR tests. A vaccination certificate is also not required to cross the border.

“Greece is already open to all tourists, retail outlets, cafes, restaurants and hotels have started to work, which indicates what we should follow, since we have similar protocols and approaches., – said the press service of the government of Montenegro.

Recall that from April 22, such rules are valid for tourists from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and North Macedonia. From this week, these rules will apply to all foreign tourists. And from May 13, the country’s authorities began to do free PCR tests for visitors who need a certificate of return.

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We also recall that Wizz Air is launching a new direct flight from Kharkov to Rome. Flights will start operating from July 2021.

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