Little Tricks Every Traveler Should Know

Air travel for many of us remains quite stressful. How to get to the airport, where to check in, what you can take in hand luggage – these and many other questions torment us before boarding the plane. During the flight, other difficulties arise. tripmydream I decided make it easier for travelers – and share life hacks that can make your life a lot easier.


one. To be in time for everything!

If you are late for the airport and understand that you may not be in time for check-in, there is an easier way out. Almost all airlines have online check-in, which can be done directly on the website, and even indicating a convenient seat on the plane. This will save you time: there is no need to stand in line and you can arrive only 30-40 minutes before departure.

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2. Take care of your diet

Are you not satisfied with the standard menu on airplanes? Or are you on a strict diet? The airlines have already resolved all possible food problems. Most of them have an extended menu that includes vegetarian, lean, kids and premium diets. You can order them at least 72 hours before departure by calling the hotline or directly on the company’s website when booking tickets.

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3. Warn the bad weather

If you are worried that the weather outside the window is not flying, protect yourself from tedious sitting in the waiting room. Remember that representatives of the airline will not warn you about the transfer of the flight, but at the airport they will prompt you about all changes in the schedule. Dial the dispatcher a few hours before departure and make sure everything is going according to plan.

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4. Protect your luggage from departure

The main phobia of all travelers is the loss or damage of luggage. To avoid the latter, you can stick a special mark on the suitcase “Fragile” (Fragile). It should be issued upon request at the front desk. As practice shows, such luggage is really transported more accurately.

Fragile luggage sticker

five. Mark your territory

This advice is mandatory. If only because at some airports (for example, in London Heathrow) they do not really stand on ceremony with luggage. And if you suddenly do not pick up or find your suitcase on time, it will simply … be thrown away. Therefore, it is extremely important to hang some bright tag with a name and contact number on your luggage. Using this shortcut, you can quickly find your bag, and airport employees can find you in case of lost luggage.

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