Housing in New York: tips for choosing

We continue our series of articles on organizing a trip to New York! Now let’s talk about how to find accommodation in New York, what you need to consider when doing this, where to stay and much more. Marina Gritsenko, the author of a blog about New York and the USA Columbus Chocolate, continues to share her experience with us.


Variety of choices

In New York, you always have a choice – food, clothing stores, entertainment and, of course, places to stay while traveling. Hotels, hostels, motels on the outskirts of the city, private apartments, rooms with local residents or free accommodation through couchsurfing – the choice is huge and the price offers are just as varied.

Apartmentsra VS Hotel in New york

  1. I always recommend living in apartments, regardless of whether you are going to America or India. After all, acquaintance with the country, its culture and peculiarities of life begins not near monuments or museums, but where you settle. Think how different apartments and life are all over the world! When you choose a regular hotel, you don’t see all of this, because hotel rooms are essentially the same all over the world.
  2. Renting an apartment or room is in most cases cheaper than renting a hotel room of the same size and with similar conditions.
  3. When you rent an apartment or a room, you get a nice bonus in the form of a kitchen. This will especially appeal to those who travel with children, are on a special diet, want to save on food and cook all their food themselves, using products from the nearest supermarket.

What is the best neighborhood to stay in New York?

And there are five of them in New York! Meet:


Many travelers who have never been to New York want to settle in Manhattan in order to be closer to all the attractions. This makes sense, since many iconic places are really located here, and it is very convenient to get to other areas of the city from here. However, the rental price in Manhattan is several times higher than elsewhere. Therefore, before booking, study identical offers in the city. You may stumble upon 2-3 times cheaper options.


It is not easy to talk about finding accommodation in Brooklyn, as this is a huge area. The price fluctuates depending on the proximity of the apartments to Manhattan. If you settle, for example, in the Brooklyn Hights area, which is a 15-minute walk from Manhattan, then the cost of housing will be higher. The road from Brighton Beach only by metro will take you about 1 hour, respectively, the prices here will be very reasonable.

I find Brooklyn to be a great area to live in. Apartments are several times cheaper than in Manhattan, the same with prices in shops and restaurants, plus, in Brooklyn there is a huge number of attractions: Brighton Beach Embankment, Brooklyn Museum, Prospect park, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and much more.

My recommendation when choosing housing in Brooklyn is to see how long the road to Manhattan will take from your house and whether it is easy to get to the places you are interested in, as well as read general information about the neighborhood where you found housing.


The world-renowned travel guide Lonely Planet has named Queens the most sought after and growing tourist destination in the United States. Indeed, over the past few years, a huge number of residential and office high-rises have appeared here, restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels are actively opening.

Housing prices are still slightly lower than in Brooklyn. Although who knows, perhaps due to the development of this area, in the near future they will begin to grow. Accommodation guidelines are identical to Brooklyn guidelines.

Staten Island

I can’t say that this area is bad for something, but I do not recommend settling here if you are visiting New York on vacation. The thing is that there are only two ways to get here – and both are not entirely convenient.

The first is by ferry from Manhattan. The ferry is free, but the journey takes half an hour. Plus, the ferry runs once every 30 minutes, so if you are late for your flight, you will have to wait another half hour for the next one.

The second way is by bus through the Verrazano Bridge, which is located at the very end of Brooklyn. In this case, you will have to spend an hour on the subway ride to the Bay Ridge area, and from there it will take from half an hour to an hour to get to your accommodation on Staten Island.


And, of course, the Bronx is another area that I would not recommend staying in. Many of my friends and acquaintances of travelers settled in here (and with them everything is still ok), but at the same time I heard many other reviews: that it is not very comfortable there, few people on the streets at night, an increased crime situation and like that. Of the undoubted advantages – the road to Manhattan will take as long as from Brooklyn, and the Bronx also has its own attractions, for example, the famous Yankee baseball stadium and a huge interesting zoo.


New York rental conditions

It all depends on what type of accommodation you choose. For example, through tripmydream you can find a hotel or hostel with free reservations and payment on arrival. If you book a room or apartment, it is always 100% prepayment, plus interest to the booking service itself.

Each hotel, hostel or apartment owner describes in detail the conditions that it offers to its guests. It’s very important to read them! After all, people often see an acceptable price and book accommodation only by this criterion, and then come to the place, settle down and understand that many things simply do not suit them.

Housing prices in New York

The price, of course, depends on the area and the conditions offered. Therefore, I will say this. If you try, you can find the following prices:

Manhattan – from $ 60 per day

Brooklyn – from $ 35-40 per day

Queens – from $ 35-40 per day

Staten Island – from $ 35 per day

Bronx – from $ 30 per day


Search tricks

Housing in New York isn’t cheap, but if you know a few tricks, you can save a lot on it:

  1. Always try couchsurfing free accommodation. Couchsurfers in New York are very friendly and welcoming, there are a lot of them here, so it’s easy to find a refuge.
  2. If you don’t care exactly when to fly to New York, go for the off-season months. Housing will then be cheaper.
  3. Study the holiday calendar. If your trip falls within one of them, then the price a few days before and after the holiday may be higher. For example, on October 29 – a room costs $ 50, and on October 30, 31 and November 1 it is already $ 65. And all because Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1. The city hosts a zombie parade and other events, and many strive to get to New York on these days.
  4. Always check the price on the hotel website. In most cases, booking directly through the website will save you money.
  5. Try to search for accommodation through friends or various forums and groups. This way you can avoid paying commissions. However, there is always a risk: an agreement over the Internet is just an agreement. I know of many cases when people had to look for housing again at the last moment.

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