Israel will pay € 60 for each tourist

Israel is ready to resume international tourism in full. The country will pay 60 euros for each foreign visitor arriving in Eilat.

Israel will pay 60 euros for each tourist who comes to the resort town of Eilat during the high season. The country’s authorities said that Israel is ready to resume international tourism and that the Ministry of Tourism will subsidize direct flights between other countries and Eilat during the tourist season, which will be from September 1 to May 31.

According to the published directive, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism will reimburse operators for direct flights to Eilat (Ramon Airport).

The new rule applies to flights operated between September 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022, with the exception of September 20-27, 2021 and April 15-22, 2022.

The Ministry will reimburse the flight consolidator for the costs of each passenger sent to Eilat on flights approved under the Directive in the amount of EUR 60.

A single carrier must operate between 16 and 75 direct flights to Ramon Airport, with entry into the country as before, in accordance with anti-epidemiological regulations.

Note that there are no direct flights from Ukraine to Eilat yet, but this innovation may motivate Ukrainian airlines to launch flights in this direction.

According to VokrugSveta.

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