All the necessary information about insurance in Finland: how much it costs, where and when to get it, how to use it.

Book a hotel on time, pay for excursions, come up with an interesting route – the things that we travelers solve in the first place, and such routine tasks as insurance are sometimes solved spontaneously, at the very last moment. So, if you care about your time and money, I recommend sticking to the following scheme: medical insurance – visa (or tour, with a visa inclusive) – hotel, etc.

Read how to choose an insurance company, what options are required, what “pitfalls”, how to “reduce” the cost of insurance to Finland, and more.

Do I need insurance

I look forward to your question “is it possible to go to Finland without insurance at all?” Tourists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other central cities of our country often travel to Helsinki, Tampere (the birthplace of the Moomins). And I hasten to assure you that everyone has to apply not only a visa (if they plan to walk in Finnish soil), but also an insurance policy. Firstly, this is a prerequisite for the receiving party. Everyone has probably heard of one-day cruises to Finland? Without a visa or insurance, you can see the port cities of Finland from the deck… And back home!

If you approach the issue not only from the side of the law, but also the benefits, then here are some reasons for you:

Take out insurance to:

  1. Protect yourself from unpleasant health situations: chronic illnesses, poisoning, colds and FLU, injuries (for example, received during excursions), etc. I will not list this terrible list, just remember that “you need to hope for the best, but be ready for anything!”.
  2. Save money on treatment. If, nevertheless, an insured event occurs, the uninsured person will have to part with a large amount of money (in euros!). For clarity, the first appointment with a doctor from 100 euros.
  3. Eliminate misunderstanding at the border. Finns strictly check the presence of all stamps and documents.
  4. Insure your car if you travel by private car. Such insurance for a car to travel to Finland is called a “green card” and is also an indispensable border crossing point.

The duration of the insurance. I can imagine how you have to bother about a trip to Europe for 1-2 days. For work, transit, etc. True, there is good news – you can make insurance in advance, but pay after the fact. Those. specific days spent on vacation, not 30 days of the policy.

I hope you have no doubts about the necessity and importance of insurance. But which insurance organization to choose and what should be included there, it is exclusively your choice. And I will help!

Any insurance company is able to offer extended or standard insurance conditions. The cost will greatly depend on this. So,

  1. Medical insurance “for show”… To get an entry permit. It implies only emergency cases and basic medical care (anesthetize, neutralize). It is good if there is a transfer to the nearest medical center and an interpreter. Homecoming (the term “repatriation”) is included in any policy, regardless of the category of insurance.
  2. Standard. Here you are guaranteed to receive help in the treatment and elimination of symptoms of the most common diseases. You can count on a full examination, unforeseen hotel accommodation during treatment, etc.
  3. Extended… Insurance for literally everything: full treatment, legal assistance, car restoration after an accident, cancellation insurance, and so on.

Despite the fact that any package of the insurance program, one way or another, will include a number of mandatory services, you can always add what you want. Of course, for a surcharge.

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Requirements for registration. How to choose and where to buy insurance?

Please note that:

  • the insurance policy must include such options as: support in emergency cases,
  • the policy must be valid on the day the visa is opened, i.e. it’s better to arrange these things in one day,
  • often the insurance period is “extended” by at least 2 weeks as a last resort. If you intend to live in a foreign country for 10 days, then the policy will be valid for another 15 days after arrival,
  • the insurance policy will be valid in other countries of the European Union (in case you decide to take a trip to neighboring countries from Finland),
  • the policy is filled in according to a template, in a printed way,
  • the amount of coverage must be at least EUR 30,000.

Nothing special! These rules will be told at the embassy, ​​travel company, insurance company. Or you can familiarize yourself with them on the website An old trusted source where a lot of useful information is stored, and it is not difficult to find the appropriate policy. We go to the site, fill out a plate on the main page in Russian: where we are going, the exact dates of arrival and departure, the number of policyholders. I am captivated by the fact that on such sources you can create your own individual and unique package, compare prices of different companies, pay for the policy and get it without leaving your home. Just print out the finished result and present it when asked.

Useful advice

Save on accommodation in Finland by renting apartments from locals with Airbnb. Get RUB 2100 as a gift for the first booking.

Organizations that offer good conditions in the insurance market: Alpha Insurance, Renaissance, Ingosstrakh, as well as services for issuing policies (Cherekhapa, Tripinshurans, etc.). How to choose?

It is wise to search a search engine for insurance from various companies. brings together the most advantageous offers of the above organizations. Here you can easily purchase a policy with a good discount. The whole process on the site takes no more than 5-7 minutes. There are several methods and supporting systems of payment: plastic cards, electronic wallets.

If the policy is needed for a visa, the service will offer to mark the country where you are flying. Enter Finland, and the insurance will be valid on the territory of the rest of the Schengen countries.

Services “Tripinshurans” and “” work on the same principle. All services are good, I usually pick up insurance on “Cherekhap”, because years go by, but there is still nothing to blame.

health insurance

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How much does insurance cost in Finland

Let me remind you that, first of all, the price depends on the services that are listed in your policy. More options for more money! The status of the insurance company is also important. Sometimes new companies offer tempting terms, but who knows how responsible they will be? The cost is also influenced by the duration of the use of insurance, the amount of compensation, the multiplying coefficient … Oh yes, multiplier – a list of circumstances, categories of people in which the cost increases. Such categories of people can be pregnant women, extreme people (when the purpose of the trip is an active, extreme type of recreation), retirees from 60 years old and above, chronic diseases. And let’s not forget that prices change regularly along with the euro exchange rate.

Whoever says anything, but the prices for travel insurance to Finland are small. Judge for yourself:

– excursions for 1-2 days – from 40 rubles / day, with a fixed amount of compensation no more than 50,000 rubles. – maximum 55 rub / day. And if the amount of compensation is higher, then another 25% on top.

How to use

Once, when I suffered the worst sunburn in Thailand, I had to use my insurance. True, I only had enough to call the hotline and talk to the doctor on duty. Therefore, you should not neglect the purchase of travel insurance.

Usually it all starts with a call to the 24-hour number of the assistance company. If you have ever used telemedicine or you have a VHI policy, you know that you will have to give the policy number and passport data (upon request). A letter of guarantee is required to make an appointment with a local clinic. He is sent directly to the medical center, or by email. They may request scans or photos (in a voice-up, for example) of your documents. Be obedient!

I do not quite like the conditions under which insurance companies are forced to pay for a complex of medical services on their own, with subsequent compensation of costs. Nobody likes them. Then try to prove something! But I also believe in the existence of conscientious companies. In such situations, keep all receipts, printouts with doctors’ diagnoses, prescription forms, etc.

I wish you that any of your travels will go smoothly and do not have to use the services of insurance companies.