Instructions: how to get a refund for a Wizz Air ticket

In connection with the quarantine, hundreds of thousands of people around the world collided. with the problem of canceled flights and refunds for tickets. For Ukrainians, one of the most frequent cases is a refund for Wizz Air tickets. We figured out how this happens and are ready to tell and show with an illustrative example.

Igor Ryabukha


Step 1

The first stage of the operation called “ticket refunds” occurs when a letter arrives in the mail with a notification that the flight has been canceled. The passenger is offered a choice of three options:

  1. Book another flight free of charge.
  2. Cancel the reservation and receive funds in the amount of the full cost of the ticket to the WIZZ account, as well as compensation in the amount of 20% of the amount paid.
  3. Cancel your booking and get a refund.

Step 2

Let’s deal with the third point. You need to go to the Wizz Air website, log in and enter your profile, select the flight that was canceled and select a refund of 120% of the amount from the ticket to the WIZZ account. The refund takes place within 24 hours, but for one of the tickets I received a refund within 5 minutes.

Next, you receive a message in the mail that the funds have been credited to your WIZZ account. It also states that now you can return funds in the amount of 100% only to the bank card with which the ticket was paid and a link to the form.

You need to log in and then fill out the form with your data.


This form is filled in in case it will not be possible to send funds to your card (expired, etc.), then a bank transfer will be made. (This means that it will not be useful in almost 100%, but this is not certain).

You must specify:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Mobile phone
  • Confirmation Code (Specified in the letter or flight booking request)
  • Account holder name
  • IBAN (can be found in the mobile application in the card settings, on the website, from the operator)
  • BIC / SWIFT code (bank code for receiving international payments – it is better to check with your bank)
  • Name of the bank
  • Your account currency (UAH, USD, EUR, etc.)
  • You can ask a question.

We send. After sending, we receive the following message:

“Thank you for submitting your conversion request, please note that it might take more than 60 days to process the refund.”

Now it remains to wait for the transfer to the card. Then a document is sent to the mail – an electronic invoice, which indicates that the funds have been withdrawn from the WIZZ account. The process of sending funds has started. Withdrawals are also visible in your personal account.


That’s all! The refund must be received on the card within 60 days, but, as practice shows, this happens much faster.


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