In Taiwan, tourist fined $ 3,500 for violation of quarantine

In Taiwan, a tourist from the Philippines was fined $ 3,500 in one of the quarantine hotels. The fault is that he went out into the corridor for 8 seconds.

The man was noticed by the hotel workers on CCTV cameras, after which they immediately reported this to the health department. According to strict local rules, tourists in isolation are strictly prohibited from leaving their rooms, even for a short period.

As a result, the man was fined for 3500 USD (100,000 Taiwanese dollars).

During the pandemic, the island recorded 716 cases coronavirus and 7 deaths in a population of 23 million people, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Taiwan has adopted special methods to combat the spread of COVID-19. A hard lockdown was not introduced in the country – the authorities carried out mass testing and tracking of cases. All those arriving on the island are under increased control, if they have a positive test result, they are sent for isolation.

Let us also remind that the Cabinet of Ministers announced the dates of the lockdown in Ukraine.

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