How to save money in Prague: travel tips

Prague is considered the cheapest city for tourists all over the world. True, our travelers are not overly enthusiastic about the affordable prices in local currency terms. But there are always tricks that help to save money on a trip, secrets that tourists usually do not know about. TRIPMYDREAM will tell you about these travel hacks in Prague.

As practice shows, the cheapest flight to Prague is in February. Christmas and New Year’s holidays have already died down, the warmth has not yet come, and a relative calm is coming in the city. Therefore, if you are not afraid of cold weather and do not like the ubiquitous crowds of tourists, February is the perfect time for a budget trip.

So, a flight Kiev – Prague – Kiev at this time will cost € 130, although the standard ticket price is about € 250. Flights Moscow-Prague-Moscow in February will cost about € 155, while in other months the same flight will cost € 240-250. But even for this “low” season, tickets must be bought in advance, at least a month in advance.

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In Prague, the local currency is the kroons, but, in extreme cases, you can also pay the euro. We advise you to take cash for exchange and a card for cashless payments with you. Wherever there is such an opportunity, pay with a card, since the situation with currency exchange in Prague is rather strange.

In exchange offices of banks and hotels, they take a very large commission (in some tourist places it reaches 25%). And even the inscription “No commission” should not be trusted too much. We advise you to exchange currency with the Arabs in small exchange offices (many of these can be found on Wenceslas Square) – they do not deduct a commission or take a minimum.


Upon arrival in Prague, it is worth stopping by one of the Tourist Offices (Turistické informační centrum in Czech) or the Municipal Information Office (Prazska informacni sluzba at Rytířská 31). Here you can get a free map of the city, a lot of informative brochures in English or Russian. These information centers also post a list of free events in the city every week.

The passes are valid for all types of transport in Prague, the most popular here are trams and metro. The prices for these passes vary, depending on the duration of use: the minimum is 30 minutes, the maximum is a week. But we must warn you that Prague is a fairly compact city and all the main attractions are located close to each other. By the way, this is a big plus – you can just walk around and see all the beauties of the city. Therefore, it makes no sense to take a travel card for an hour – in Prague there is simply nowhere to go for an hour. Do not forget to punch your ticket at the entrance to the transport, if you get caught – a fine of 500 CZK (€ 18.50).

But there is a way to travel on public transport in Prague for free. Few people know, but Prague also has tourist maps, as do many of the more popular European capitals. With the Prague Card, you can use public transport for free and visit over 50 attractions. Also, this card gives discounts in many establishments and shops of the city. It costs € 48 for two days for adults and € 35 for children and students, for three days – € 58 and € 42, for four days € 67 and € 49, respectively. Don’t be intimidated by these amounts: buying individual tickets will cost you a lot more.

It is highly recommended to buy the Prague Tourist Card in advance on this website. Firstly, when you buy it online, it will cost a little cheaper, and secondly, you can use it already at the airport when you get to Prague, because the express bus from the airport with a card is also free.

In addition, there is also the Troja Card, which is worth buying if you are traveling to Prague with children. She significantly saves money on visiting three places – Troy Castle, the Botanical Garden and the Prague Zoo, where it is especially good to walk with the whole family. You can buy it at the box office of one of these attractions. The price for one person is CZK 300 (€ 11), for a family (two adults and two children over 6 years old) – CZK 830 (€ 31).

From time to time museums and sights of Prague organize open days. The most up-to-date information is best obtained from tourist information offices, but here are some examples:

Wallenstein Palace: free admission from January to March every first Saturday and Sunday of the month from 10:00 to 16:00, from April to December on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00.

City museum: free admission every first Thursday of the month for schoolchildren, students, senior citizens. For the rest – a symbolic price of 10 kroons (€ 0.35). The museum is open until 20:00.

Fashion Museum: Free admission. Open from 11:00 to 18:00 (on Sundays – from 12:00)

Also, you can always join free sightseeing tours of Prague, the schedule of which can be viewed here.

It is better to eat in Prague, as in all other European capitals, away from the tourist center, in institutions where locals go. Although there are restaurants in Prague and in the Old Town, where it is relatively cheap. For example, the restaurant U Sádlů has a good reputation, which is not far from the Old Town Square and the Powder Tower. It is renowned for its large portions and reasonable prices. Also on Havelská street there is something like a canteen with national dishes. The establishment can be found by the signboard “Czech cuisine” (Česká kuchyně).

There are drinking fountains throughout the city, so you can take a plastic bottle with you for a walk in Prague and refill it from time to time with clean and cold water. There is also a free refill service in local KFC fast food restaurants, thanks to which you can pour yourself a soda without restriction.

Many local bars host Happy Hours from 20:00 to 22:00, during which you can buy alcoholic cocktails and famous Czech beer at half price. Although the prices for beer in Prague are very, very reasonable.

If you know any other tricks for saving in Prague, leave them in the comments – tripmydream will definitely include them in an article with a mention of the author.

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