How to pass for a local in the largest cities in the world

Modern travelers are trying to set themselves more ambitious goals than visiting attractions trampled by herds of tourists and dull photographs against their background. Bus-hotel-sightseeing tour-hotel – we are officially abandoning this boring scheme! Feeling the city, imbued with its spirit and mood is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing in travel! Using the example of five major tourist cities, we will tell you how to separate from the crowd of “come in large numbers”.

Vladimir Nikulin

Paris, France

Clothing: Who among us has not heard of the famous Parisian fashion? Going for a walk along the streets of the French capital, so as not to be known as a tourist, you should carefully choose an outfit. Locals, even if they do not follow the catwalk novelties, will certainly go out in elegant and stylish clothes.

Casual is held in high esteem here, but do not overdo it with relaxation – a person in our favorite flip-flops or sweatpants (everywhere, except for gyms and playgrounds) runs the risk of catching the sidelong glances of local residents.

During the season of sales in one of the most famous shopping capitals, you can easily purchase a few designer essentials that will become the basis of your “Parisian” wardrobe.

For women, it can be loose, light dresses (not too revealing) and skinny jeans, plus the famous Converse sneakers and ballet flats. Accessories should also be as simple and elegant as possible (no sporty chic!). Parisian men cannot imagine life without classic raincoats and blazers, as well as long scarves in the cool season.

macarons in paris
Anastasia drofa

Food: Try the real France It is practically impossible to “taste” if you limit yourself to the complex breakfasts offered at the hotel. Parisians worship good food.

In the morning, each of them will certainly indulge themselves with the legendary French croissants or baguette (always fresh) and a cup of coffee. Haute cuisine, which is also considered to be the hallmark of this country, is an important part of the daily life of Parisians. We advise, having enlisted the recommendations of the locals, go to explore one of the new vegetarian or ethnic restaurants – there you will be treated to simple, but incredibly delicious and delicious dishes.

Sacha Fernandez

Lifestyle: “Hurry slowly” – this dictum suits the measured French perfectly. IN Paris it is not customary to rush, even if it is very necessary. On weekends, when the weather is fine, especially a lot of Parisians settle on the summer grounds of cafes and restaurants and slowly savor desserts.

The best way to travel around the capital today can undoubtedly be called a bicycle – it is gaining more and more popularity among local residents. And the art, which is worshiped by all Parisians without exception, is better to learn not in the crowded Louvre, but in one of the private or simply less popular galleries, which are abundant here.

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New York, USA

New York style
Andrew Roach

Clothing: New York fashion is perhaps best portrayed in the tabloid pages, where famous beauties are captured with their hair quickly tied up in a bun and in simple clothes. Carelessness is the main characteristic of local street fashion. Brands and lebs, glowing inscriptions and flashy names – something that you will never see on the clothes of a real New Yorker.

If you, inspired by the example of Sarah Jessica Parker, fished out of a brand new box a pair of your most expensive shoes with prohibitively high heels and proudly walk in them through the streets of the Big Apple, most likely those around you have already guessed that you are not local. If we are not talking about going to a nightclub (where ultra-mini and stilettos are equally popular) or dining in a luxurious restaurant, then local women would rather prefer loafers, ballet flats or sneakers like Vans or Converse.

lifestyle in new york

Food: New Yorkers value their time very much, because on weekdays and lunchtime they rarely stay in diners for meals, they just eat on the go. Street food in all its variety is extremely popular and loved here. For the most part, New Yorkers still prefer fatty, heavy, but filling and tasty food, although there are ample opportunities for lovers of healthy food, and neither one nor the other will look like black crows. Indulge in the classic hot dog so beloved by Americans.

girl in new york
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Lifestyle: Unlike the measured pace of Paris, New york – life is in constant turbulence and continuous movement. For an ever-hurrying New Yorker, it is quite normal, without waiting for the permitting signal of a traffic light, to start moving straight along the streets of the metropolis always flooded with traffic jams. The New Yorker is given away and clutched under the arm of the New York Post or The Times, very rarely – USA Today. And, of course, a rare local will agree to wear the famous T-shirt with the inscription I love NY, this is a traditional tourist attribute.

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London, Great Britain

London style
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Clothing: Though Great Britain Is a major player in the fashion scene, yet its ordinary residents often prefer the convenience and simplicity of the trend. Lightweight, natural fabrics and discreet color combinations are what distinguish most Englishmen’s dress style. Nevertheless, if desired, they may well be emphasized stylish, in this they are perfectly helped by classic trench coats, plain ballet flats, oxfords and dresses in pastel colors.

Keep in mind that the main distinguishing feature of London weather is not rainy at all, but unpredictability. Therefore, every self-respecting Londoner has thoroughly studied the art of layering in the wardrobe, in order to instantly undress or dress, if necessary, following the whims of the climate. In the cooler seasons, do not forget to stock up on rubber boots, waterproof raincoats and, of course, umbrellas, which Londoners are so reluctant to part with.

fast food in London
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Food: Often, under the many London pubs, in the evenings you can see people drinking their own ale, or even eating while standing, so – most likely, they are just local. Takeaway food and drinks are mostly cheaper here than locally, and Londoners have never been shy about saving. When you get to dinner with a London family, you will get the opportunity to taste excellent dishes that are so similar to homemade ones, but most likely are not – they rarely cook at home here.

The locals also do not refuse street food, which, of course, is headed by the famous fish-n-chips. All this should be washed down with beer, ale, or cider, which is equally popular here. For a true Londoner, spending an evening after work for a pint or two is sacred and not a stereotype at all. Do not forget about the famous tea drinking (five-o-clock), the traditions of which are still revered by many indigenous people.

cafe in London
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Lifestyle: Stiffness and restraint, which was previously considered the main feature of the British, is often completely absent from the younger generation. Depending on your luck, you can either completely discredit for yourself, or once again confirm this belief for yourself. Londoners rarely condemn or debate, especially on unpopular grounds like race or religion. In addition, your knowledge of the language will always be praised, even if “My name from Vova” is your crown linguistic number.

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Tokyo, Japan

girl from tokyo

Clothing: But in Japan the young population of megalopolises do almost whatever they want with their wardrobe, the main thing is to stay in trend and differ from the rest. It is they who create the main contrast with the black and white crowds of countless office workers – dress code slaves. Perfectly ironed strict dark gray or black suit, complemented by a tie and light shirt, will easily add you to their number.

Not too flashy casual outfits are also popular. What is worth leaving at home are the shorts. Cropped pants will instantly give you a visitor, they are only worn here on the beach or in some similar cases.

food in tokyo
Ivam Grambek

Food: Street food lovers will find it difficult to pass for their Tokyo… It is not very common to eat outside here. Although in the center you can still find some fast food eateries, which are sometimes used by the Japanese. In addition, the Japanese themselves mostly order cucumber rolls, so beloved by our tourists, for children, for themselves they choose complex and unusual dishes with the almost obligatory presence of raw fish or, for example, octopus meat. If you want to join – choose what is more original.

park in Tokyo
Sanyu Zhang

Lifestyle: The rhythm of life in Japan is also unusually fast; here a person who is not in a hurry is more likely to surprise. Shintoism, which, as you know, the majority of Tokyo people profess, inspires them with love and unity with nature, greenery, and earth. Litter is categorically contraindicated for those who do not want to immediately identify themselves as a visitor. Forget about loud conversations on public transport, this behavior causes mute condemnation here.

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Oslo, Norway

family in Oslo
Tomas Kvitvik

Clothing: IN Norway, as you know, not very warm. Therefore, clothes that are suitable for the conditions, basically unconditionally outperform clothes of an outstanding style. When it’s cold – warmth, as it gets warmer – simplicity. Fashion artsy contrasts on the streets Oslo mainly created by our compatriots who have settled there.

Nevertheless, they often try to supplement their adorably simple outfits with some unusual elements, such as embroidery or fringe. For example, a few years ago Pavloposad shawls were extremely popular in Norway! Heels and dress-up dresses will be appropriate here only at celebrations, such as weddings, which the Norwegians love very much, and therefore gladly dress up for the occasion in something unusual for themselves.

food in Oslo

Food: Vegetarians in Norway, according to reviews, have a hard time. Fish is responsible for the gastronomic variety here, the main of which, of course, is the famous Norwegian salmon. There are also different eating habits from ours, like having lunch at 5 o’clock. In addition, Oslo residents are very fond of all kinds of sandwiches and sandwiches, they are happy not only to pack them in their lunch boxes, but also often replace whole meals with them.

holidays in Oslo
Felipe Rodríguez

Lifestyle: Freedom of opinion, which was previously considered the prerogative of the Americans, now reigns supreme in Norway. Feminism is already so firmly entrenched in the minds and way of life of the Norwegians that its denial here is puzzling. Even for the garbage left on the street or smoking in the wrong place, a considerable fine is threatened here, because the locals leave cleanliness on their own. It is customary to love children and traditional family life, talk about them and want at least three.

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