How to get a refund for canceled Ernest Airlines flights?

On January 13, 2020, the Italian civil aviation agency ENAC suspended the license of Ernest Airlines. All flights were canceled, and passengers were told to pay compensation. We asked TripMyDream readers how things are going with refunds, and we are also ready to tell you what to do for those who have not yet applied for compensation.

How do I get a refund for a canceled flight?

There are two options for refunds – through the air carrier and chargeback from the bank.

First of all, we recommend that you contact the air carrier and fill out a special form on the website. Attach a copy of your passport and a confirmation of the purchase of an air ticket, or a boarding pass, if you managed to receive it.

Under Ernest Airlines’ terms and conditions, you will receive a refund within 6 weeks of completing the form.

Please note that the form is also available in Ukrainian, so you can use it if you wish.


You can also contact your bank’s support service and fill out a chargeback application – a request to cancel the debiting of funds for a transaction. The bank will investigate and, if the applicant is correct, it will write off the protested amount of payment from the outlet, and, in our case, the airline.

In a survey on our Facebook page, users disagreed. Some have already received compensation, some have received confirmation that their application has been accepted, and there are those who still have not received a refund for canceled flights that occurred long before the airline was revoked.

Here’s what users write:

Oksana Myndryshora: “They returned the money 3 months after filling out the application, and then only when I called the company threatening to sue. In addition, I was wildly outraged when I found out that my flight was nevertheless performed despite the cancellation that was sent to me. ”

Igor Alexandrovich: “They returned in 10 days. 01/01/2020 I filled out the form on the website, 01/10/20 the funds were credited back to my card. ”

Oleksandr Voytsekhovskyy: “Returned 100% within a week. “

Marina Schwyz: “Friends, just try to throw them letters. That’s just daily. Daughter’s experience of getting money back from Flixbus. When traveling from Cologne to Paris with a change in Brussels, the bus stupidly did not come. It was night, 20 people stood at the bus stop and dispersed, or bought tickets for other flights. The company faked that there was a bus, and they simply did not notice it. My daughter corresponded with them for 3 weeks, daily and persistently, the money was returned to her, only to lag behind. Friend – no, because he was too lazy to take out the brain to the carrier.

Nana Pipia: “I haven’t got my money back yet. The company says all the time that it still needs to wait. They promise to return within 6 weeks. Only two passed.

Dubenska Olga: “I made a refund on the website, no answer, not even an automatic one. The second time was not given. I also wrote an application for a chargeback through the bank. Nothing yet. ”

Katherine zelenevskaya: “Yes, they returned completely. I filled out the online form on January 2, the money was received on January 8.


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