How to entertain a child on a plane

Some passengers squat on the track before the flight, others take selfies at the airport, and still others pray to the gods of aviation so that there is no bored child on the plane. Parents at this time sincerely hope that their beloved miracle will still behave well.

The weather on board depends on the mood of the little traveler. If you are planning to fly with a child, book a window seat and plan all your activities on the plane in advance. Then there will be happiness for the little one, for you and the rest of the passengers.

Flight with a toddler up to 4 years old: entertainment on board

Before leaving the airport, make sure you have your itinerary receipt, documents and a life-saving play set with you.

Collect your carry-on baggage correctly

  • Take with you a toy that your child adores, and at least one new one (your baby will consider it longer and with special interest).
  • Place markers, pencils, coloring books, and a blank notebook.
  • Grab an interactive book (not music only). It will be interesting for the child to watch the pages come to life, to try the details by touch.

  • Don’t forget figurines for the finger theater. They will take up a minimum of space in your carry-on baggage, but at any time you can play a performance right in the sky.
  • Buy stained glass stickers in advance (sold in many children’s stores) and let your child sculpt them onto the porthole. They come off easily, so there will be no problem.
  • Take your child’s favorite book, as well as one new fairy tale. The child probably will not refuse to once again hear about the adventures of familiar characters. And he will delve into the new story with curiosity.
  • Buy baby biscuits and gummies shaped like bears, turtles, or other animals. We understand that some goodies are not the best option, but there are times when only this works.
  • Put a charged gadget with a downloaded cartoon, game or audio story.

“I take my favorite toys, snacks, something new to play with, a tablet and I myself actively join the game”, – our subscriber Aleksandra Zaporozhchenko shares his experience.

Turn flying into an addictive game

  • Show your baby clouds, find clouds in the shape of animals, and together come up with names for them.
  • Breathe on the glass to fog it up: then paint with your fingers.
  • Take your child for a walk around the cabin, tell us what, where and how, explain the responsibilities of flight attendants.

“We studied the instructions for emergency exits and the rules of behavior for passengers in an emergency for 3 hours. Now I can give briefings as well as flight attendants. The child is a little over 3.5 years old “, – says Mariia Iurchenko.

If the child is no longer impressed by the activities you proposed, think about the gadget. We are not saying this is helpful. But a cartoon or a game can help out at the moment when the rest stops working. Be sure to bring headphones. Perhaps your neighbors are good people and didn’t deserve to listen to Peppa Pig the whole flight.


By the way, some parents manage to cope without the help of gadgets.

“We have fun without a tablet, we have a bunch of books with assignments, a small magnetic construction kit and albums with pencils. 3.5 hours fly by. In addition, I send them to meet airplane children, usually play companions are quickly found ”, – says Mariya Shved.

Flight with a child from 4 years old: entertainment on the plane

  • Arrange a quest on board.
  1. Come up with a list of tasks that you need to complete before the end of the flight (for example, draw an elephant, guess a riddle, etc.). Draw a square next to each item. When completing tasks, the child himself will put a tick next to the task he has completed.
  2. Calculate the execution time so that the tasks are enough for the entire flight.
  3. Prepare a prize in advance, such as a new booklet or an airplane-shaped figurine. Give a present to the stewardess, dedicate her to your plan.
  4. When boarding, explain to the child the rules of the game, tell about the reward and give out a sheet with tasks.

“The plane needs a new toy, a book with tasks / stickers / coloring. From 4 years old road board games. Well, a tablet with headphones. It all depends on the duration of the flight. There were flights for 2 hours, and there were also 10 hours “, – Olga Ionova shares her experience


  • Also take a scratch album (priceless thing in flight, honestly).
  • Grab a book with logic puzzles and a simple board game.
  • Ask your toddler to try and count the number of passengers on board.
  • Install a couple of games on your phone and download an audio story.

“They are rescuing audiokazki, books with logic tasks, puzzles and a notebook with pencils. But the main thing is to be actively involved in the process, otherwise the child will quickly get bored, ” – reveals the secret of Viktoria Biryukova’s successful flight.

If you feel that you are not in the mood to be an animator on board, play enough and jump with your baby before departure.

“I try to tire the kids as much as possible before the flight. Every time they fall asleep even before takeoff, no decorations and dances with a tambourine 🙂 “, – our subscriber Liliia Dubchak shares a life hack