How to determine where the person is from by the color of the passport?

You must admit that you’ve also had this: you stand in a queue at the airport for security or passport control and involuntarily glance over your neighbors’ passports … I wonder where this comrade in a Rolling Stones T-shirt comes from or this noisy family nearby? After reading this article, you will no longer have such questions – you will read people on the covers of their passports.

International passports as we know them appeared in 1920 – the passport system was approved at a special conference of the League of Nations.

Since then, there have been four main colors of passports – red, blue, green and black.

The most popular one is red… Red passports are mainly held by citizens of countries with a communist past or present, for example, Russia, China, Romania, Slovakia. The red color of passports can be of several shades, in particular, the rich wine color is typical for the EU countries, the only exception is Croatia. Some South American states – Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador – also use burgundy passports.

The second most popular color – blue… The United States and Australia have chosen dark blue for themselves, in addition, blue is a distinctive feature of the member countries of the Mercosur trade union – Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Only Venezuela has distinguished itself – it has red passports. There is also a version that countries with maritime borders choose blue.

Green color – a distinctive feature of Muslim countries. This happened due to the fact that green is considered the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as a symbol of nature and life. In addition to the countries of the Muslim world, green also indicates belonging to the countries of the economic union ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African Countries), which includes Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Cape Verde.

The biggest rarity among passport colors is the black… This color is considered national for New Zealand, but in general it is more typical for some African countries – Congo, Zambia, Botswana, Angola and others. In addition to them, the holders of black passports are citizens of India, Mexico, Tajikistan, Iran and Croatia.

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