How to choose the right suitcase for travel: instructions

Finding the perfect suitcase is like meeting your love. Well, it’s true! With him you will discover new countries, he will carefully store and protect your things and, if this is really the same, then you will be together for a long time. Finding the treasured travel suitcase is not so easy, but we know how to simplify this task.

Together with the store of backpacks, bags and suitcases, we have prepared a guide for choosing the right suitcase on wheels that will definitely not let you down!

How to choose the right suitcase?

The right suitcase doesn’t exist, even if advertisements and sellers say otherwise. When choosing a suitcase, be guided by your needs. For those who travel with a large family or like to go shopping on vacation, the capacity of a suitcase and whether it is convenient to carry it, packed to capacity, is important.

A small suitcase will be enough for business trips, but one in which an ironed suit and a laptop can easily reach. And the blogger cares about his technique, so he is looking for a way to maximally protect it from moisture and shock.

Let’s figure out what characteristics to pay attention to in order to find Him – the suitcase of your dreams.

Case type: plastic or fabric?

The suitcase can be soft (fabric) and hard (plastic and other materials). Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hard case (plastic)


  • reliably protects content. More likely to deliver whole bottles of wine or fragile souvenirs;
  • more durable than a fabric suitcase (provided that it was originally of high quality);
  • most contamination is removed with a damp cloth;
  • the contents will definitely not get wet.


  • easy to scratch, need a cover for protection;
  • may burst if thrown or dropped from a height. Manufacturers are working on a solution to this problem – Eastpak, for example, produces foam suitcases that reshape even after a strong blow;
  • weighs more and costs more than cloth.

Suitcase with soft body (fabric)


  • weighs less than a plastic suitcase, which is critical for those traveling only with hand luggage or those who intend to break loose while shopping abroad and fill their suitcase with purchases to the maximum;
  • is cheaper;
  • there are external pockets: using them, you put more in your suitcase and you can quickly get a book or headphones without having to pack everything again;
  • if not packed, it can be framed, even if the depth is slightly deeper. This number will not work with plastic;
  • easier to place on the carry-on shelf or under the seat.


  • may get wet (depends on the material and its processing);
  • can absorb dirt (again, depends on treatment), stains are more difficult to remove.

A cool example of a quality padded suitcase is the Samsonite Cityvibe 2.0 Rolling. It has a compartment for a tablet and a laptop, and is waterproof, its size fits perfectly into the parameters of carry-on luggage, and what color – just admire this handsome man!

How to choose the size and weight of a suitcase

In the catalogs of online stores, you will find the division of suitcases into categories S, M and L. The determining factor is the height:

  • S – 50-55 centimeters
  • M – 65-74 centimeters
  • L – 75-84 centimeters

Suitcases of different sizes and volumes can be found within one category, so it is important to read the description of each model you like.

If most often you fly only with hand luggage, especially low-cost airlines, first study the requirements of the airlines you fly with. In this article, we talked about the baggage requirements of different airlines. A suitcase for air travel must meet the strictest possible standards so that you do not have to keep options at home for all occasions.

Weight depends not only on the size, but also on the material of the case. If you choose a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane, you should focus on finding the lightest models, for check-in it is not so critical.

Are you planning a large-scale shopping? Look for a suitcase with an extra zipper to make it a little more spacious. Most of these models have a fabric case, but plastic options can also be found.

Suitcase on wheels, how many there should be

There can be 2 or 4. The second option is preferable:

  • a suitcase is more stable: one with two wheels, without a support or an extended “leg” will not stand;
  • it’s easier to carry. If there are two wheels, a quarter of the weight falls on the hand, which can be critical when the luggage is heavy. The four-wheeler can be rolled alongside, and not driven along.

Suitcases with four wheels have a minus – they do not go well on uneven surfaces, you have to lift them from time to time. The solution is models with double wheels or those with rear wheels larger than the front, which allows tilting and rolling on two if necessary.

There are suitcases with wheels that can be removed before check-in – so the suitcase will definitely not be damaged during transportation, and you will not have to carry the suitcase in your hands.

Telescopic handle

Make sure it’s easy to slide out with one hand, comfortable, and long enough to carry your suitcase without bending over to triple death.

Locks on the suitcase

The first rule of a traveler is to pack documents, money and equipment in hand luggage and keep with you. However, the thieves don’t know if you follow this rule, so it’s important to protect your suitcase with a built-in (just don’t forget the code!) Or padlock. Some manufacturers (for example, Eastpak) install locks with TSA function on suitcases – these are locks that, if necessary, customs officers can open them with a universal key. If you are looking for just one, then take a closer look at Thule Revolve suitcases.

Black suitcase on wheels

Zippers and fittings

Give preference to a suitcase with quality fittings, for example, YKK. It is optimal if the zipper is wide and metallic – it is more difficult to break it accidentally, it will also withstand the increased load if you have stuffed your suitcase to the brim.

What color of suitcase to choose

It’s a matter of taste, but the brighter and more non-standard the suitcase is, the easier and faster you can find it on the tape and will hardly be confused with someone else’s. However, even if you choose a standard model, the issue of identification is solved by a bright cover, stickers or tags.

Additional travel suitcase options

Manufacturers try to grab the attention of buyers by adding optional but useful features. For example:

  • a waterproof compartment inside the suitcase where you can carry cosmetics and medicines;
  • tight pocket with laptop fixation;
  • built-in battery for charging gadgets;
  • a compartment for glasses with a dense frame;
  • shoulder straps that turn the suitcase into a backpack;
  • the possibility of dividing the luggage space into zones;
  • straps for fixing things that allow them to be brought in minimally dented, which is important, for example, for business travelers.

Which suitcase should I choose for the trip?

“What suitcase to choose for a family if I travel with children and like to pack as much as possible in a suitcase.”

Top Pick: Tranverz L by Eastpak

Spacious suitcase made of waterproof polyester with two sections on the inside and a deep pocket on the outside.

  • size: 40 x 79 x 33 cm
  • volume: 121 l
  • weight: 3.62 kg
Large family suitcase
Pink Fabric Travel Suitcase

“If I work remotely and always take my laptop with me on trips.”

Top Pick: Samsonite – ZIGO Duffle / Backpack 35L Black and Thule – Crossover 38L Rolling Dark Blue

Suitcase in waterproof nylon with a thick laptop pocket and removable shoulder straps. It is carried in hand luggage according to the norms of most classic airlines and is suitable for “priority” in low-cost airlines.

  • size: 38.5 x 56 x 21 cm
  • volume: 38 l
  • weight: 3.5 kg
Cloth suitcase
Backpack suitcase in hand luggage

“If I prefer to travel light, usually only carry-on luggage.”

Top Pick: Thule – Subterra Carry-On 55cm Mineral and Eastpak – Tranzshell S Blurred Lines

A suitcase made of waterproof nylon, which fits into hand luggage according to the norms of most classic airlines and is suitable for “priority” in low-cost airlines.

  • size: 35 x 55 x 23 cm
  • volume: 33 l
  • weight: 3.44 kg

Guy with a suitcase on the street
Printed plastic wheeled suitcase

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