How to become a level 80 Google Maps user

For a comfortable trip, it is not necessary to download dozens of programs to navigate the terrain and find out the necessary information. There’s Google Maps for all of this! This would seem to be the most obvious assistant for any traveler. But in fact, not all of us use its functionality 100%. Today we’ll figure out everything that Google Maps can help us with and, we are sure, you will look at it in a new way.

Offline maps

Agree, it happened: you come to a new city, leave the airport / train station and realize that you can’t look at the map online anymore – there is no time to run in search of WiFi, and the prices for the Internet in roaming bite. Next time, be vigilant and know that Google Maps provides the ability to download a map of the desired city or country so as not to waste your budget on roaming. Just select the menu icon in the left corner and click on Offline Maps. Now select the location you want and download.

Sharing locations

Plus, your friends might know where you are. Just click on the blue circle with your location and choose Show where I am. Now mark who and how much will follow you. Just don’t forget to disconnect in time!

Search for interesting places

Believe it or not, you can find absolutely everything with the help of GM. Just open the map and click on “What’s Nearby” in the lower left corner. Now choose what your heart desires – restaurants, cafes, bars, parks, museums, attractions, shopping centers, nightclubs, shops, pharmacies, beauty salons and much more.

Also, using Google Maps, you can choose an accommodation for yourself. Just find the desired bed icon on the map and click on it. At your disposal are photos of the hotel, reviews, information about the infrastructure, and contacts, and prices on different platforms.

The application will even tell you during what period the prices in the hotel you are interested in are the most loyal.

Where to eat?

Do you want a tasty snack? Enter the institution of interest in the search, or simply find a place with a cafe icon next to the selected location.

You are given a choice: a photo of a place, dishes and sometimes a menu, reviews and contacts, a booking service and useful features.

What are some useful features? The application will help you find out when “rush hour” is in the establishment and how much time visitors spend there on average. Convenient, isn’t it?


Fans of lists can create a list of favorite places or places to visit here. To do this, click on the location, open the menu and select “Save” – ​​”New List”. The selected location is saved on the map and added to the list.

An interesting and rather frightening fact for many – sometimes when the airport you need is displayed on the maps, your nearest flight is also displayed. Why is that? When logging into the application under its Google account, GM takes information about the reservation from the mail.

For drivers

GM will help you get to your destination quickly and without stress. Just indicate your final destination, click on the car icon in the “Route” section and voila – the path is paved! Even in spite of traffic jams and repair work, the application will help you get there as quickly and comfortably as possible.

We hope that you are aware of the availability of toll roads in many countries. If you are planning to save money, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses on toll roads, change the parameters of your route in Google Maps. To do this, enter your destination, select “Route” and click on the three points on the right in the corner. Now click on “Route Options” and remove the highways and toll roads. To track cameras along the way and the presence of traffic jams, select “Layers” – “Traffic”.

In order not to be fined for using your phone on the road, use voice control – click on the microphone icon in the upper right corner. GM quickly recognizes everything and builds the necessary route.

In addition, the app helps you find a gas station and a place to eat. Just stop and hit “Gas station on the way” or “Cafe on the way”.

Parking is a headache for most motorists. To find parking in an unknown city, select “What’s Nearby” – “Parking”. Forgot where you parked? No problem. Next time you park, click on the blue circle of your location and save it as a parking address in the menu. You can also look at the panorama of what is near your car and track the parking time.


For pedestrians

Want to explore a place to see if it’s worth going there? Click on the object of interest or the street where you are heading and see the panorama of the area. Yes, there will be no intrigue, but there will be no disappointments either.

You can create your own city tour on foot. Just enter your location and destination, then click Route and select the places you want to visit along the way. Add stops in the itinerary and enjoy your walk. Don’t forget to grab a coffee or turn on music on your headphones to make your walk even more atmospheric.

If you want to quickly get to the desired place, you can always see the possible routes of local transport – just click on the transport icon in the “Route” section. Here you can find several options for how to get to a particular place. And if you click on the selected transport, you can see when the desired bus, tram, trolleybus or carpet-flying will arrive.

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