In autumn, winter and spring vacation in Turkey is comfortable thanks to hotels with outdoor heated pools and water parks. The climate is mild, always green, warm for a long time, you can swim in the sea until mid-November, and in the warm pools all year round. And in winter Turkish hotels have saunas and hammams.

When they start heating the pools in Turkey – most hotels start heating from the first of November, although this year some hotels have been heating since mid-October. The winter concept in hotels lasts until April.

For me the coolest warm pools in Turkish hotels – if they are open, and even with sea water are. A vacation with kids is the chicest when there are heated water parks with slides. Indoor heated pools, of course, will not surprise, but also good when they are at the hotel in winter (for those who are afraid of temperature extremes).

So, our detailed selection of hotels in Turkey for the low season.

Hotels with heated pools in Belek

🟢 Bellis Deluxe 5 stars with heated water park

From October to the end of November they heat an outdoor pool with slides for adults, a children’s pool with slides and an indoor pool. The water is +30 everywhere. After a technical break in December, the heated waterparks will resume its work from December 21 through the end of March.
The hotel is a hit this season for holidays in Turkey with children, with them there are engaged and entertain all day. Also people especially praise the kitchen – it is delicious and they know how to cook. A good option for the New Year by the way.

Green area, you can walk around endlessly. The atmosphere is very warm and family oriented.

🟢 Alva Donna 5* (which is in Belek)

There are several heated pools outside (water is maintained +28) – main, water park with adult slides, children’s at the mini club. The children’s interactive water park is not heated. In the indoor pool mineral water is warm.

The hotel is also very popular in the 2022 season and a great option for winter and spring. Many tourists return – more than once and in any season. Restaurants, bars, there are round the clock. Recreation is family friendly, both morning and evening entertainment, club and games for children. The staff at the hotel is very responsive, it’s nice to be taken care of like that.

Our advice is to choose a room in the new building (Deluxe).

Minuses on reviews this year – poorly cleaned, fast food in the main restaurant, as in most popular hotels.

🟢 Titanic Deluxe Golf 5*

There’s a large heated pool outside (sea salt water!), the hotel of course has a spa (praised), family suites with a pool and a first class golf course and other sports facilities. And then there’s the Tini Kids Club.

Plenty of room for outdoor activities.

🟢 Cornelia Diamond 5*

Pools get started heating up from October – November weather permitting. Small hotel, but very nice. The waiters and staff are attentive, the food is good, everything is clean. Quiet and family friendly. There is a golf club and the unusual Crasula Spa. Nightly shows for adults and all day activities for kids.

🟢 Papillon Ayscha 5*

In winter concept, there are outdoor and indoor heated pools for kids and adults until May. Very attentive staff, restaurants are delicious and have healthy meals and kids buffet, animation, evening shows and entertainment for kids at Papy Club.

🟢 Selectum Luxury 5*

There are heated seawater indoor pools and from October heated children’s outdoor water park (no adult pools), keep the temperature +28. Good prices for the New Year and vacations.

By the way the hotel is quite new and constantly being updated, the service here is excellent and there are a lot of returning tourists.

List of luxury hotels in Belek with heated pools and winter concept:

💎 Maxx Royal 5* with outdoor saltwater pool and wow service for adults and kids
💎 Regnum 5 star – outdoor pool with warm water +28°C year round. Expensive, beautiful, delicious, all top notch
💎 Rixos Belek 5* – the outdoor pool is heated every year from November to May. For children of all ages there is the Rixy Kids club. A very busy concert program for May.
💎 Calista Luxury 5* with heated pools – outdoor and indoor, open in winter. Concerts and parties for adults and daily animation for children. Meals for vegetarians are provided.
💎 Kaya Palazzo 5* – outdoor pool and seawater, heated from November to March. The lagoon rooms are the coolest. Hotel for a relaxed, measured holiday – light animation and no partying. Lots of seafood and everything tasty.
💎 Ela Quality 5* heated outdoor pool (in October and November, hotel closes for winter). Lake House family units with a private pool. The hotel is a chic option for children’s vacations, here they have all the attention

Winter hotels with heated pool in Side

🟡 Liu 5*

A stylish new hotel with a heated children’s pool and an adults-only relaxation pool. Too bad the hotel will only be open until the end of November. Very nice and modern hotel, just made for instagram photos.

🟡 Barut Hemera 5*

This hotel has a warm relaxing pool, children’s pool and swim up room pool from November 1 to May 1. Charming hotel with green grounds, beautiful and spectacular.

Rooms are updated, with good renovation and furniture. The food is delicious, feel that from quality products.

Hotels with a warm pool in Kemer

🟢 L’Oceanica 5*

There are heated pools in the cold season, outdoor (no slides) and indoor in the spa center. Always a cheerful animation. The hotel is budget, but good and quite popular in Kemer, though it only works until the end of November and closes for the winter.

🟢 Paloma Foresta 5 stars

A very green hotel with picturesque views of the mountains and the sea and the smell of pine. In the winter season, one outdoor pool and an indoor pool are heated (details and dates are better to clarify before booking with the hotel). For quiet rest and contemplative walks.

🟢 Kemer Barut 5*

They start heating up the relaxing pool on November 1. The hotel is amazing, with good staff, delicious food and drinks and a chic vibe every day. The hotel is situated close to the center of Kemer and it is a great place to walk around.

The hotels Akka Alinda 5* and Akka Antedon 5*

They heat up outdoor and indoor swimming pools with fresh water from November till the end of May. The heated water park will be open until the end of spring 👍

Very nice winter Turkish hotels. When we flew in December 2019 spontaneously on vacation to Rixos Beldibi, most tourists went exactly to the Akka hotels. A lot of activities are provided in the winter period

🟢 NG Phaselis 5*.

Phaselis 5* is another new luxury hotel with a heated outdoor pool. A hotel with a claim to luxury, but the prices can be very nice. The food and serving are praised the most, there is a Beluga children’s club and babysitters available. The interiors and design are fire!

The nature around the hotel is very beautiful – the mountains, the bay, coniferous forests, just for the sake of it is worth to come here and just relax from the bustle.

Year-round hotels with heated pool in Antalya and Lara

🟡 Titanic Mardan Palace 5*

There is a heated pool outside and a seawater pool, all year round. The hotel is luxurious and very cool, with a grand staircase like a palace. If budget allows, book without a doubt. Vibrant evening shows for the adults.

🟡 Rixos Downtown 5*

A hotel in the center of Antalya with a warm outdoor pool. The hotel is urban. A good option for autumn and winter if you want to walk around the old part of town and go to museums, stores and cafes. Tours to this hotel in the off-season are often inexpensive.

🟡 Trendy Lara 5*

Heated seawater pool from October 25. Water temperature averages +26 +27. Great choice for winter. Close to Antalya and the airport. Food is decent, everyone will find something for themselves and it will be delicious. There are even several types of dairy porridge in the morning.

🟡 Lara Barut 5*

An outdoor warm pool with seawater. A favorite hotel for families, it really wants to come back here. Keep in mind that the hotel closes on November 20, and there will be a renovation of rooms and public areas in winter. So in the spring of 2022 the hotel will open renovated.

🟡 Aska Lara 5*

Since November, one outdoor pool near the spa and one indoor pool have been heated. But the water park and lunapark are closed from November. Lots of entertainment for adults and kids, there’s a Starbucks coffee shop.

🟡 Concorde De Luxe 5*

There is a pool with 4 heated slides during November-April. Turkey’s best all-inclusive resort. Already announced program for the New Year.

⏩ Also at least one outdoor and one indoor heated pool each in Titanic Beach 5, Delphin Imperial 5, IC Green Palace 5*.

Hotels with heated pools and water parks in Alanya

By the way, Alanya is considered the warmest region on the Turkish coast, but there are quite simple and budget hotels.

🟢 Long Beach 5*

There is a heated panoramic pool, the main water park with slides for adults, one of the children’s water parks – in March, April, October, November. With children will be good, the only thing is a long transfer strain. In summer there is of course a huge number of tourists, but at the end of the season it is calmer.

🟢 Azura Deluxe 5*

There are slides and children’s pool heated in April, May and October. Great sandy beach, fresh rooms, cleanliness perfect, but not as much fun for kids as Long Beach.

The Aegean coast – where there are heated pools

In the spring – in April, May, on the May holidays – these hotels with heated pools on the beautiful Aegean coast are always in demand. After all, the sea water in this region is still cool in the spring and the bathing season opens closer to June (which temperature is comfortable for swimming in the sea).

🟡 TUI Sensatori Barut 5 stars in Fethiye

There is an adult pool and activiti pool warm up at the end and beginning of the season (October, April, May). Hotel with high quality service for a fuss-free vacation. Beautiful mountain and sea views, live music in the evenings and a great area for kids.

🟡 Maxeria Blue Didyma 5*

Didyma – the hotel has a water park with warm water and a swimming pool. Good for holidays with children. Great quality food at the hotel and amazing desserts, soulful mini club. The hotel is brand new by the way, 2020.

🟡 Lujo 5*

Bodrum – there are heated outdoor pools here too, but the hotel closes for the winter. WOW hotel where you will feel special and welcome. Expensive, but well worth it.