The best hotels in Turkey for children and their parents. Collected the most complete selection of decent family hotels in 2022 with water parks, animation, comfortable beaches and excellent all-inclusive meals.

Hotels in Belek and Side for holidays with children

🟢 Selectum Family 5*

🟢 Selectum Family 5* in Belek is a good family hotel in Turkey with excellent service and quality food.

Here and with babies – food adapted for children (porridges, purees, soups, steamed meat and fish), stroller rental, potties in the room, mini zoo.

For the kids older – different animation from morning till evening, its water park and comfortable pool with a gentle approach.

My personal impression is that for kids from 1 to 9-10 years old this place will be great.

🟢 Voyage Belek 5*

🟢 Voyage Belek 5* is one of the best family hotels in Turkey today. Voyage Belek 5* is one of the best family hotels in Turkey today.

It is a place where you want to come back for the special atmosphere, delicious food, high level of service. The area is not just large – it is walkable and well thought out, with pine trees and palm trees.

As far as food is concerned, we have everything that parents value as healthy and high-quality food – fruit, vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, fish, seafood, children’s table with cereals and soups, yoghurts, kefir, baby food jars with purees (Hipp).

The standard children’s concept – a good water park, children’s club under the shade of trees (in winter in the main building), playground on the beach, too shaded, in the evenings a mini disco and magicians, there is a luna park. For older children – playstation, movie projector, bowling, golf, slot machines, master classes (all held even in the off-season).

There is a heated outdoor pool (water +28 degrees).

🟢 Xanadu Belek 5

🟢 Xanadu Belek 5* is a premium hotel with architectural elements in ancient Roman style. Read the reviews – everyone returns to this hotel year after year, all the time!

The hotel conquers by a huge park area (15 hectares by the way). In Turkey there are still a lot of impressive ancient monuments of ancient history and the hotel with its entourage creates an unusual feeling of relaxation in such a place.

What for children – first of all a cool mini club as a real city. Here really love kids and appreciate every little guest. Classes are constantly different and all interesting. Children are like at a vacation at a fun camp, but with premium service. They sculpt, draw, play, learn English, learn something new, cook at master classes, there is a rope park. Festivals with masquerade, magic tricks, soap bubbles, and dancing are held on holidays and just for fun.

The beach in Xanadu is beautiful with fine sand, wide, and to my mind is the best in Belek.

🟣 Von Resort Golden Beach 5*

🟣 Von Resort Golden Beach 5* is a good children’s hotel in the medium price segment, in Side. What’s for kids:

  • Perfect beach (wide, gentle, lots of space, sand);
  • a huge water park and all the standard components of the children’s concept – a mini club, playgrounds, active fun animation;
  • green area, pleasant for walks with children, with nice walking chickens;
  • A lot of feminine rooms, where you can accommodate a large family;
  • you can also walk along the promenade to the historic Side.

Of the features – tired rooms and food without special frills, seafood, for example, not every day. Ah, also the second line, but the hotel on the first Von Resort Golden Coast on reviews worse.

🟢 Calista Luxury 5*

🟢 Calista Luxury 5* is another option for a good hotel in Turkey for holidays with children. On the 1st coastline, sandy beach, gentle.

Children’s concept – mini club from 4 to 17 years old. For the kids there is a game room, a room for sleeping, fruit and vegetable puree Hipp, stroller, potty, bathtub, diapers for swimming. From the age of 4, parent-free kids club activities are available – playrooms, playgrounds, movie theater, play programs and shows. And also a ride on a cute steam train around the hotel grounds.

There is a children’s buffet restaurant for lunch and dinner!

The beach is nice, you can take sunbeds on the sand or grass, there is a pier with a bar. In general, the hotel is very beautiful.

🟢 Papillon Belvil 5 stars

🟢 Papillon Belvil 5 stars – among pine trees, orange trees, lemons and pomegranates – it’s buried in greenery! Mini club Papy (under 12 years old and separate for teens), kids town, pools and water park Papyland (water heated in off season), art studio, games room, sports relay races, Playstation, Lego room.

In addition to the main restaurants and coffee shop, there’s a Papy Kid’s Restaurant with a buffet.

🟢 Papillon Ayscha 5*

🟢 Papillon Ayscha 5* surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees is cozy and compact. There’s a Papy Kids club, too, as well as heated pools in the cold, with slides.

🟢 Alva Donna Exclusive 5

🟢 Alva Donna Exclusive 5* is a very popular hotel in Turkey the last couple of years – for families with kids. It is better to book in advance, during the season there is almost no room and prices soar several times. It is possible to go and in a not season – open pools and aquapark with heating.

🟣 Paloma Oceana 5*

🟣 Paloma Oceana 5* in Side is nice, relaxing, good value. The hotel is much loved by Europeans. Sandy beach and cool water park, of course playgrounds and miniclub. For moms with babies there is a bottle warmer, sterilizer, potties, tubs, radio babysitter.

🟢 Ela Excellence 5*

🟢 Ela Excellence 5* in Belek (formerly Ela Quality 5*) – opening after renovation in April this year. They promise a complete renovation, concerning not only the interior, but also the service, quality and range of food, children’s concept and entertainment in general. A good option among the luxury “children’s” hotels in Turkey.

🟢 Bellis Deluxe 5

🟢 Bellis Deluxe 5 stars is another top in the ranking of the best Turkish hotels for children’s holidays. On top of all the possible “plushies” for kids, this hotel has a zoo and a very cool water park (heated). For adults – decent food and imported alcohol, water slides and pools for adults, stylish rooms. For some summer dates as early as February there are no rooms!


🟢 PINE BEACH 5* is a children’s kingdom hotel in a pine forest. With delicious food, special children’s restaurant, of course mini club and aqua park. This year, since March 1, will begin heating the outdoor pool with sea water. Renovation of common areas in winter before the start of the season will be very beautiful!

By the way the hotel has an exclusive concept for kids.

🟢 Granada Luxury 5*

🟢 Granada Luxury 5* in Belek is another in the ranking of the best hotels for families in Turkey. Great kids concept – the biggest pool, water park, lazy river, artificial wave pool, park with rides. Interesting programs for adults and young guests. The hotel is a beauty. The perfect vacation on the hotel grounds. The truth is to the beach – by shuttle service.

🟢 Port Nature Luxury 5*

🟢 Port Nature Luxury 5* – in the top of all hotel picks for holidays in Turkey with children every year. 18 slides, sandy beach with fine pebbles. A good family hotel in Belek in all respects – cuisine, drinks, animation. For adults there is always a rich concert program with stars, both on May holidays and all season. For mothers with babies we have a mother’s corner (blender, canned food, and packed milk).

🟢 Rixos Premium Belek 5*

🟢 Rixos Premium Belek 5* is simply one of the best hotels in Turkey in the premium segment, would naturally be good for a family vacation as well. Cool and huge, with access to The Land of Legends park, Roxy club 4-16 years old. An all inclusive and exclusive vacation – that says it all.

Best family hotels in Alanya

🟡 Delphin Botanik 5*

🟡 Delphin Botanik 5* is a version of a decent family hotel in Alanya, a paradise for children in the middle of a huge garden. However, if you want fresher rooms and imported alcohol in the bars, you can settle in Botanik Platinum or Delphin Deluxe and quietly use the territory Botanik (walk or free shuttle service).


🟡 LONICERA WORLD RESORT 5* in Alanya (since 2022, two LONICERA hotels merged into one). The hotel is a hit for family holidays in Alanya, during the season there are almost no places. The pluses are the wide sandy beach, the area with greenery and flowers, 4 children’s pools, a water park with 19 slides. The main restaurant in Alanya offers kids activities from morning till night – age-appropriate programs, master classes, special kids’ meals in the main restaurant.


UTOPIA WORLD 5* – a very popular, we can say legendary hotel for family holidays in Turkey, Alanya. It was renovated in 2020 by the way.

Beautiful views, sunrises and sunsets (the hotel is located on a hill) and stunning area. First places in tourist surveys in the category “best area”.

The beach at the hotel is 150 m away – by bridge and elevator, transfers every 5 minutes.

There are water parks, pools, rafting (!), water sports. There are a lot of children in the hotel and that is an indicator. From minuses – rather long transfer from Antalya (as well as in all hotels in Alanya), and still with wheelchairs or difficulties with movement here will not be comfortable, the hotel is still for active and easy on lifting.

Long Beach 5*

Long Beach 5* in Alanya is a super hotel for active kids – a huge water park and cool children’s animation. The pools and water park are warm at the beginning and end of the season – so here for May and October holidays are in full swing here too.

What else from the children’s – of course children’s clubs, amusement park, children’s food, swimming pools with animation specifically for kids, a cinema, an amphitheater, disco, numerous educational and training activities during the day.

🟡 Kirman Leodikya 5*

Kirman Leodikya 5* is another popular family hotel in Turkish Alanya. Jar food and baby formula are available for the little ones. According to reviews, parents are happy with the mini-club, the territory and infrastructure, the beach, water entertainment.

Impresses children’s and adult entertainment program – parties at the pool and in the garden, festivals (fruit, breakfasts), dance evenings and incendiary performances.

By the way, the hotel shares a common area with Kirman Arycanda, both on the 1st line on the coast.

🟡 Pegasos Resort 5*

🟡 Pegasos Resort 5* – the hotel is a leader in terms of value for money, the constant top sales in many agencies. We advise if you have a limited budget, but want a decent holiday for the whole family. 1.5 kilometers of ideal sandy beach – your child, and you yourself will be delighted with such a vacation at the sea.

🟡 Mylome luxury 5*

Mylome luxury 5* is a luxury hotel in Alanya. A stylish beauty with its sandy bay and pools with slides. It often appears in tourist inquiries this year and is becoming popular.

Top Kids Hotels in Antalya

🟢 IC Hotels Green Palace 5*

🟢 IC Hotels Green Palace 5* is a hotel for holidays with children, winning in the rating of price – quality. There is heating in the pools and water park (so for spring and autumn vacations is also a good option). Clubs for kids by age – toddlers, mini club and teens club. There is a lunapark, which all children love. And the charming old town of Antalya, the oceanarium and the shopping center are nearby.

🟢 Adalya Elite Lara 5*

🟢 Adalya Elite Lara 5* is a fairly fresh hotel near Antalya with excellent service and a focus on children’s holidays. The cuisine is very diverse, easy access to the sea, clean sand, jar food for babies.

This hotel is a classic for winter holidays in Turkey, as well as in the off-season due to warm pools (a great option for spring and autumn school vacations).

Popular hotels in Kemer with children’s concept


The HOTEL SAILORS BEACH 5* in Kemer. From the pluses of the hotel – completely renovated in 2020 (to live in rooms with fresh renovation is always nice!), a cozy area with greenery at the foot of the mountains. Ultra all inclusive 24 hours, delicious pastry shop, quality food, good choice.

On the beach children’s club under a canopy, very convenient – parents have a quiet time on the beach. The beach has pebbles (Kemer). Good paths for baby carriages.

AKKA Antedon 5*

🟣 AKKA Antedon 5* in Kemer is a popular Turkish hotel all year round. Nature, mountains, pine trees, the cleanest sea. Water park for children and adults, water playground, active children’s animation, children’s buffet, there are purees in jars for babies.

And here the pools are heated from October even to the end of May (specific dates may vary depending on the year – need more details – write to the hotel on instagram).

🟣 Gural Premier 5*

🟣 Gural Premier 5* is a good hotel in Tekirova, near Kemer. Everything here is good. The shoreline is varied – there is both sandy and fine pleasant pebble. Chic water park! For children’s animation a fat plus – festivals, games, large-scale parties with a laser show, fireworks – incredibly try for guests-children.

🟣 Nirvana Dolce Vita 5*

🟣 Nirvana Dolce Vita 5* (Tekirova, Kemer) – a hotel for nature lovers and holidays with children, here they follow the trends of a healthy lifestyle. Pine forest and mountains, delicious food, active children’s concept (water park, zoo). Outdoor heated seawater pool.

The best hotel for kids on the Aegean coast

🟡 Maxeria Blue Didyma 5*

🟡 Maxeria Blue Didyma 5* is a new hotel between Bodrum and Kusadasi on the Aegean coast. We recommend it specifically for family holidays, there are not many of them in those parts. The hotel has a water park and a heated pool.