How to organize a vacation in the Maldives with children. When to go. Which resort to choose. The best hotels equipped for guests with children. Prices for tours, hotels and air tickets.

Do you really want to visit the paradise island, admire the wonderful fish and coral reef? Drive to the Maldives. All this and more can be found on these small islands in the Indian Ocean. And whether it is worth resting there with children, you will find out from our article.

Of course, a vacation in the Maldives with children is quite possible. They fly there with small children and schoolchildren.

For me, the main thing that I have to endure is the flight. The Maldives is not a low beam. This is 6, 5 thousand kilometers if you depart from the Moscow airport.

When and how to fly?

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There are two options. Flight with transfers… It is a little shorter in time, more expensive in terms of money and provides for a stop either in Dubai or Turkey. Such a trip is more suitable for an older child.

The second option is direct flight from Moscow… It is more difficult to find (they do not often happen), you win two hours, but this pleasure, depending on the carrier company, will be almost a quarter more expensive. And if you consider that a flight in the Maldives is an expensive flight, then such a family vacation will cost a pretty penny.

There are daredevils who decide to fly with a baby. There would be a desire. this is also possible. In addition to the flight, acclimatization is also difficult. If you have weighed everything and decided to fly – go for it. The kid will love the clean sand and clear water of the Indian Ocean. To make your flight easier, do not forget to order a carrycot. By the way, the flight for a child under 2 years old is free.

To overcome acclimatization problems, it is best to fly after a hot summer. In the Maldives it is almost 30 degrees all year round, so the trip after our summer is the most gentle. In addition, the rainy season subsides in October.

Naturally, if the child tolerates climate change normally, you can go in the winter, bask in the sun and get such a useful dose of vitamin D.

Tours with children prices

Such a tour, of course, will be more expensive if your child is over two years old. If you’re lucky, you can get a last minute ticket. Then the cost of recreation can be reduced by almost half. If you need to put an extra bed in the room for a child over three years old, then on average the price will rise to $ 100 per day, excluding meals and babysitting.

Where to go with children

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It is a recognized fact that the Maldives has the best beaches. According to tourists, the best beaches for families with children are in the Baa, Male (northern and southern) atolls and Ari. There is clear turquoise water and the purest, almost white sand everywhere.

Family hotels

If you have overcome many hours of flight with your offspring and are ready to rest, half the battle is over. There are many hotels in the Maldives offering complete family vacations for you and your children.

Again, it is best to choose the all-inclusive package in advance. Then you will be relieved of even the smallest everyday difficulties. If your heir is over three years old, it is better to choose a resort with a kids club.

The children’s club involves activities with the child for almost the whole day. These are games, fishing, swimming, excursions. Parents can relax at the spa or just be alone.

There are many hotels for such a family holiday. Here’s just one thing: children under 8 years old are not lodged in a bungalow, even with their parents. So read the reviews and choose the land-based option.

The Bandos Maldives Hotel has 4 stars, but is very convenient for families with small children. It’s easy to get to – there is a speedboat from the airport. There are several playgrounds for kids. The kids club welcomes children from 3 to 11 years old. If your child is smaller, a nanny will take care of it (for an additional fee). The restaurant has a children’s menu. An extra bed for the baby will be added to the room. A child under 2 years old stays in the room for free.

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Hotel Kurumba on Vihamanafushi Island, 5 stars. A small, intimate hotel. Well suited for families with children. And not the most expensive, although 5 stars. The hotel restaurant provides a children’s menu. For children of different ages there are two swimming pools and a kids club for your child’s entertainment – from 3 to 13 years old. A wonderful children’s club will keep your children busy for a long time – they will be offered excursions, catamarans, cinema. By the way, there are children’s channels in the room. of course, there are animation programs for children, but not like in Turkey – they sang and danced once and parted. They will deal with the children for several hours and, judging by the reviews, they are satisfied. There is a nanny for the little ones, but for an additional fee.

Another family-run hotel on Turtle Island is called Angsana. The downside can be a long transfer – 40 minutes by seaplane. Not the most convenient transportation with a small child. But everyone is delighted with the kids club (judging by the reviews). And, of course, the restaurant provides baby food. But a bed in the room, if your child is more than 2 years old will be provided for an additional price.

San Siam Uru Fushi, 4 stars – hotel on the island of Medafushi. Getting there is also not close – almost an hour by seaplane, and almost the same by boat. For children, everything is already standard for the Maldives – food, a good kids club and a swimming pool. For parents – an inexpensive spa, a wonderful selection of fresh juices (if all included, then free). If there are two children, and they are under 12 years old, accommodation is free (no extra beds). However, the room has a lot of sofas and additional sleeping places are not required.

Ayada Maldives, 5 stars hotel is considered one of the best for families with children. Wonderful private reef for an unforgettable diving experience. Children are offered a full children’s menu, a wonderful kids club and swimming pools. For the little ones, you can get a nanny (additional service).

Therefore, the question of where it is better to go with a child to the Maldives should not cause much thought. There are options.

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Family camp

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There is also such a tour in the Maldives. This is visiting and living on several islands for some time. And you definitely won’t get bored here – a family camp or a camp for children separately provides, as a rule, freediving, travel, walks, creative workshops and much more. On such a trip, many accompanying persons – professional divers, historians, even representatives of local religions – are taken to tell about local customs and history. The average travel time is at least 12 days. The cost is reasonable. The package price (without flight) for 3 people can be up to 3 thousand dollars. Additional food and equipment is purchased for an additional fee.

In whatever composition you visit the Maldives, an unforgettable adventure is always waiting for you, and your children are just a fairy tale.