How to organize holidays in Finland with children. Weather. How to get there. Things to do. Prices for hotels, tours, air tickets.

What is it like – vacation with children? How to captivate a child in the land of fairytale heroes and “thousand lakes”?

If you have not yet figured out where to go on vacation with the whole family to return home with plenty of experience, here’s a tip: Finland. In winter it is not cold, but a lot of snow, willy-nilly you will believe in a fairy tale, in summer incredibly blue lakes and forests, entertainment centers for children and not only, etc.

I hasten to please – to have a rest with a child in Finland is comfortable and … profitable! Northern people love children so much that many services and amenities for them are completely free. This applies to travel by public transport, visiting galleries and museums. Although, generally speaking, the prices in Finland are high.

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Modern hotels and restaurants certainly accommodate children’s rooms with animators and a nanny and, almost always, there is an opportunity to choose dishes from the children’s menu; there are changing dressers in public toilets. It is impossible to walk past the street sweets. Children will love the buns and Finnish pancakes with berry jam.

An important point is obtaining a visa to Finland for a child. A minor family member will also need a visa. Visa documents: Schengen parent / parents, birth certificate, power of attorney for the child from the parents (if the child enters the country without parents), passport (if it already exists), insurance, divorce certificate (if there was a divorce), visa application form.

About weather

Smells fresh in Finland. It is frosty in winter, but in the daytime it is a pleasure to walk under the sun. Snow is guaranteed in the ski resorts, so if you are a snowboarder or skier, you can safely buy tickets to Levi (the most visited ski resort in all of Finland) in late autumn. And if you are just going to conquer the mountain slopes, then Russian-speaking professional instructors will put you on skis, boards, etc. in 2-3 days. Finland can be proud of its school!

If in March-April if you still do not want to part with your winter hobbies, feel free to go to Finland. In the south at this time up to +8 C. But the most severe frosts, perhaps, in December (-15 C in the dark).

In summeroddly enough, not many tourists come here. Is that passing to neighboring European countries. The water in the Baltic Sea is not suitable for swimming, although the hardy Finnish men cannot be stopped. Nevertheless, in Finland there are many open water parks in case the air temperature warms up to at least + 25C.

How to get there

Air and rail links in Finland are well developed. There are regular flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities to Helsinki (Vantaa airport). You will reach Finland in 2 hours. From there it is easy to get to Tampere, Turku, Lapland by plane. There are many ways to cover the distances between cities, and any route can be planned by looking at the official websites of transport companies. There you will also find bus schedules, which may run less frequently during off-season. In order to drive around on buses, trains and metro without any problems, you should buy a ticket from the machine. Do this immediately upon arrival at the airport. Public transport runs strictly on schedule, which is worthy of respect.

Many excursions to the country of the Moomin trolls are conducted by ferry. It takes longer, but if with comfort, it will fly by unnoticed. In addition, you can contemplate natural beauty along the way.

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Where to rest and how to entertain a child

It is wrong to go to Finland for 2-3 days. The appetite is only growing! There are so many unique museums, which are not found anywhere else in the world, favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales, which are glad to both small and large guests of entertainment centers.

If you are going to have fun in winter, definitely visit the village of Santa, which is called here Joulupukki. Yes, it’s a childhood dream! Santa lives with his fabulous assistants and Mrs. Santa in the small town of Rovaniemi. Children here can try their hand at creativity – decorate a greeting card with the elves or tie a ribbon on a gift. The dressed-up sleigh drawn by reindeer delights the little ones. The village welcomes visitors all year round, but in winter it looks fantastic.

finland rovaniemi santa claus

© Sqv7n / / CC BY 2.0

Santa Claus underground park is nearby. There are many ice figures and children’s attractions in the mysterious caves. The entrance to the park is not free, but children’s tickets are cheaper than adults, and kids under 3 years old are completely free. Of all the venues in Santa Park, the most fun Angry Birds. Children like simple actions, like in an old computer game: shoot with slingshots at aggressive birds. The park, by the way, is closed in summer, but New Year’s tours are worth considering.

If getting to know Santa is the main goal of your trip to Finland, then it would be wise to settle in Rovaniemi or nearby. Offhand, here are some coordinates of hotels for families with children:

  • Arctic Treehouse is an unusual hotel in a pine forest. The main feature is the huge wall-to-wall windows in the rooms.
  • Santa’s holiday – city center, restaurants and ice rink nearby. Cozy home atmosphere and at the same time, the rooms are furnished in a very modern way.
  • “Kotimaailma Apartments” – for those who prefer to live in an apartment with the whole family, or come for a long time Convenient location of the complex: nearby shops, souvenir shops, cafes of local cuisine, a 10-minute drive from Santa’s residence and very close to the ski resort.

In Lapland, it’s cool to admire the Northern Lights. Moreover, you can see this natural phenomenon in the summer.

finland lapland northern lights

© rayannelzein / / CC BY 2.0

Another visiting card of Finland is the Moomin Valley, which you can visit only in summer. It is interesting to stay in the famous bright blue house, to play with the moomin animators walking around the park.

A great alternative in winter is the White Hippo Museum (Tampere). There is also an amusement park with an oceanarium, roller coasters, etc. You have to go here for the whole day, and if you get hungry, you can dine in a restaurant with a panoramic view, which slowly (barely noticeable) turns. There will be an opportunity to look around. Here, as in many Finnish public catering establishments, there is a separate children’s menu.

Museums. If you think that visiting museums on a trip abroad is boring, then you are greatly mistaken. Younger family members will love these entertaining science centers. The Evrike Museum (Tikkurila district, Vantaa town) acquaints guests with the most advanced achievements of mankind. Here, many discoveries of great minds, as well as inexplicable, at first glance, phenomena of nature are explained in a game format. You can go there immediately upon arrival from the airport (10 minutes on the road), or drop in between flights across the country.

Zoos. In the northern country, zoos represent mainly animals that live in the colder parts of the world: polar bears, lynxes, deer, foxes, etc. And also birds and hounds. Can you imagine how energetic and friendly beauties Husky are? There is the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki. There you can gaze not only at wild animals, but also strange plants, birds and insects from warm countries. On a vast territory, they managed to create a real Africa, the North Pole and the underwater world.

Ski resorts in Finland for families with children

There is nothing better than organizing a family holiday in Himos, Levi or any of the hundreds of decent and safe Finnish winter resorts. All mountain slopes are intended mainly for teaching skiing, but “masters” of their craft can look for a “more serious” slide. Russian children will be taught here in Russian. At the foot of the mountains there are usually many family hotels located right next to the ski lifts. Ski equipment can be offered at the hotel counter.

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The most popular ski center is located on Mount Levi, after which it is named, in the village of Sirkka. It’s quite far from the capital, but people come here on purpose and stay for a few days. There is always snow! Children will get plenty of snow figures and learn to ride small slides. Polar nights can be found in Levi.

Finland alpine skiing child

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Ruka Resort is the venue for the annual World Ski Championships. There are many young snowboarders, as well as couples with children, who spend their winter holidays in wooden houses with a fireplace and a Finnish sauna.

The conclusion suggests itself: Finland is ideal for outdoor activities with children. Here, an adult will feel like a child and realize his childhood fantasies. And it doesn’t matter for what purpose you came to this country, whether it be skiing, excursions to museums or a wellness holiday in Finnish steam rooms. Let the kids not get bored at home, feel free to take them with you to the country where children are loved and cherished.