Features of rest in Finland in March. Weather, current prices for tours, hotels and flights. Things to do.

“Finland is for those who like to” go extreme “on the snow slides and those who endure frost …”. Many people think so, but besides this there are also magnificent landscapes, medieval castles and many other amazing things that make tourists from all over the world come here.

What to prepare for a trip to Finland in the spring? What budget to expect, and what kind of entertainment can North Country offer?

About the weather in Finland in spring

© ilkka_jukarainen / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The weather conditions in general can be compared with some of our regions, where the snow does not melt until mid-spring and you do not want to part with your favorite fur coat. Very short daylight hours, but in the evening, especially in early March, you can observe a unique natural phenomenon – the “northern lights”, and the city glows with bright lights and illuminations.

“Northern Lights” can be seen in Lapland, where at this time it still “smells” of Christmas. Here they spend family holidays visiting a real Santa.

In March in Finland, winter does not want to retreat: the maximum temperatures at this time are + 2 / + 4C in the southern territories (Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, etc.), or even all -15C in cities far from the coast. But skiers can, as if nothing had happened, conquer the Scandinavian slopes at the famous resorts. Towards the end of March, the amount of precipitation increases throughout the country: snow and rain or regular pouring rain can overtake unexpectedly, so take an umbrella with you.

Locals still go ice skating on the lakes – the ice is still quite thick and safe, although I still recommend choosing crowded ice rinks. Despite the cold, Finland is very beautiful and the snowy edges of the trees suit her very well. One has only to dress warmly, and a charge of cheerfulness and positive emotions are guaranteed.

The ski season continues here in April. So those who complain about the Russian spring, know that in Finland, even in April, temperatures above zero are not always observed (on average, no more than + 8C, for comparison, in May it is already + 10C, + 15C). And although it is light outside until late in the evening, and in the ski resorts in Lapland, for example, there is still snow in some places. Those who ski will be glad that there are no longer any frosts that burn to the bone. In Helsinki, Repovesi and other “southern” cities, there are almost no lakes and rivers with an ice crust and the first leaves appear on trees.

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Spring prices

Kemi Laplandia Lumilinna Castle

© arcticroute / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Can you imagine the excitement here in winter? Yes, this is the best country for the New Year holidays! You can stay in the residence of Santa Claus, visit at least one of 120 ski resorts, or dare to spend the night in the ice hotel “Lumilinna” (a fairytale castle with its own restaurant and hotel). In spring, there are fewer tourists, and more discounts in hotels and shops.

Last-minute offers appear in March. Be carefull!

On one of the metasearch engines I found tours to Finland with accommodation in 2-star hotels from 60,000 rubles. Did you know that even in a 2-star hotel in Finland you will find quality service, delicious breakfast / lunch / dinner and clean rooms? It is not customary to assign stars to the hotel. Restaurateurs and travel agencies themselves are engaged in the “promotion” of their hotels. In a non-standard room of a 5-star hotel, accommodation will cost from 125,000 rubles (7 nights).

When is it cheaper to vacation in Finland? In April, the outflow of tourists begins, and in May it is the most suitable time for sightseeing in the northern country. When the ski season is over, it’s time to buy cheap tickets to Finland.

People often come to Finland to “shop” on weekends, when the New Year commotion subsides. Discounts in branded boutiques sometimes reach 70%.

If you are a self-guided tourist, check out housing prices. The easiest way is to use the Roomguru service, filter the offers according to your requests: the desired area, class, room type, the presence of a safe in the room, etc.

It is better to book exciting excursions in advance. The sightseeing program in Helsinki will cost from 85 euros. Most likely, it will be more expensive with a Russian-speaking guide.

What to do in Finland

helsinki orthodox cathedral

© erick_photomurals / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

What else to do in Europe besides wandering around castles, Hi-tech museums, admiring the beauty of nature, trying haute cuisine, riding “cool” rides and enjoying the hits of world djs in nightclubs? Even if you are passing through Helsinki, do not be lazy to go on a city tour of the historic city center. The obligatory program will be the cathedral, the neoclassical presidential palace, the city hall near the Market Square, where fairs are held all year round.

The most interesting excursions where you can go in spring: sightseeing tour of Helsinki, the Mystical City (Gothic castles and other mysterious sights), often the program includes some abandoned medieval haunted castle. Foreigners love to tickle their nerves with some horror story. In addition, the program usually includes museums and galleries.

When it gets a little warmer (starting in mid-April), fascinating city excursions begin to be taken apart. Despite the fact that this fabulous country is especially beautiful in winter, it is better to go here with children in spring or summer. By the way, if you want to spend the night in any hotel in a room with a panoramic view of the lakes or in a wooden house in the forests of Lapland, make sure to book early. On the eve of March 8, the most comfortable houses can be occupied by couples in love, and on the May holidays there are a lot of Muscovites. They all, just like on New Year’s, settle in the wooden houses of Lapland.

Useful advice

Save on accommodation by renting apartments from locals with Airbnb. Get RUB 2100 as a gift for the first booking.

You can also visit Santa Claus in late spring. Tourists are offered there to feed the deer, ride a sled (speed lovers will appreciate this ancient entertainment), help the elves decorate New Year’s toys and sweets. If you are traveling with children, they will squeal with delight! Not far from the village where the residence of Santa Claus is, there is a large zoo with wild animals.

In general, there is an opinion that the most interesting places in Finland should be looked for outside its mainland. Local travel agencies offer to go on a cruise around the country, or visit a group of islands located near the capital. Tourists are brought here not only to sandy beaches in the warm season. Attention is drawn to the national parks of Finland: about. Linnansaari, Kolovesi, Päinne. We were told that our birches and taiga forests are the most beautiful in the world – beautiful, of course, but the island nature of Finland is mesmerizing.

Look for interesting excursions in specially trained search engines:

  • Tripster – unusual excursions from local people.
  • Sputnik – inexpensive group excursions.

Only Russian speaking guides.

In April, there are no large-scale national events in the country, so you can easily book a hotel room in the very center of the capital. But at the end of the month there is still one important memorable day – Veterans Day. Modern youth come off at the “Beer Festival”, “Tatu”, “Jazz Music Festival”.

There are many cultural events in May: Finnish Culture Day (12th), Mother’s Day, Comedy Festival, Choir Festival, etc.

And, of course, Spring and Labor Day in early May. On this day, tents with street food and drinks are scattered around the streets, people with colorful balloons still walk the streets, energetic Finnish music sounds.

Ski resorts continue to function and delight with the presence of soft snow. Where to go? There are practically no steep slopes in Finland, the slopes are everywhere suitable for beginner snowboarders or skiers, anyone… I would recommend Vuokatti, which works both in winter and in summer. Also Levi is the largest ski center in the country. The longest track in Iso-Syet.

tahko ski resort

© robban_andersson / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Real gourmets, and just amateurs, can arrange a race through the most unusual restaurants in search of exquisite dishes: the Chapel restaurant “Kappeli”, “Zettor” in a rustic style or a panoramic restaurant overlooking the sea bay. Seafood dishes are aerobatics!

Have you ever heard of the miraculous Finnish saunas? There are whole complexes of them with water parks and huge swimming pools. There are small steam barrels on the embankments where you can warm up after a swim in the icy water.

The main and unchanging Finnish fun remains fishing… Do not hesitate, from this fishing you will not return empty-handed. Head to one of the thousand lakes and make yourself comfortable. True, for real fishing you need to purchase a license. There are many fishermen on Lake Inari (Lapland). But up to March there is ice here. But this does not stop our fishermen. The lake is literally teeming with salmon. In April, when the ice melts, the season of long gatherings begins on the banks of some fast river. In May, boat trips, rafting, excursions to the Moomin Valley become popular.

If you have ever used the Otzovik Internet portal, look for reviews of tourists about their holidays in Finland in the spring. There you will find something like:

“It smells like frosty freshness in Finland. In spring, parks in Helsinki, Imatra, Kotka are extraordinarily beautiful, although not all tree crowns are already overgrown with foliage. There are a million entertainments in this country: at the beginning of spring it is still appropriate to go skiing in Lapland, and maybe see the Northern Lights; the kids can be taken to some amusement park or theme park, such as the Valley of the Moomins, but this is closer to May. Fashionistas and fashionistas can also update their wardrobe by taking advantage of the spring sale in stores and malls. You will be pleasantly surprised by the smile and goodwill of the inhabitants of the northern country. ”

Finland is so close and there are many ways to get there: by ferry, train, plane and even bus. Of course, in March-April it is foolish to hope for warm weather and a beach holiday, but at this time people come here for another: ride on the winding slopes of luxurious ski resorts, feel like a “lucky” fisherman, wander through the ancient fortresses, get acquainted with Joulupukki (Finnish Grandfather Moroz), live in a real house with a fireplace on the shore of a lake in a wild forest. Prices are lower in spring, which means that you can try everything (we are talking about beautiful places and entertainment) for less money. Finnish regularity, unusual to our temperament, becomes clear: the cold climate and beauty around. It is worth coming to this fabulous country.