Happy New Year: the family found a koala in the Christmas tree

The story took place in the Australian city of Adelaide in the home of the McCormick family. The family unexpectedly found a koala in the holiday tree.

In the evening, the family returned home and found broken Christmas tree decorations. In search of the cause of the incident, the mother of the family, Amanda McCormick, looked into the branches of the spruce and found a koala there.

“At first I thought it was a joke. I decided that just one of my children, most likely, put a soft toy there. But no, it was a live koala “, – she said.


Koalas don’t like being touched. That is why the family turned to the Koala Rescue Service, where they were not believed, deciding that it was a practical joke. The animal felt quite comfortable and even tasted the branches of an artificial spruce.

16-year-old Tayla McCormick posted a video of the koala on TikTok. It went viral, flying around the vastness of the social network. The rescue team released the animal. The family admits that it was a very memorable New Year’s Eve moment: “After a bad year, it was a pleasure to experience it!”

Anywell source tells about it.

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