Gullible tourist on arms

Countries with an inexhaustible flow of tourists simply tempt their citizens to creative inventions. Unfortunately, these ideas often result in not too honest schemes for enrichment at the expense of a naive traveler who does not even always understand that he is being deceived. Agree, the loss of your personal belongings, a large amount or a whole day spent on a stupid excursion can seriously darken your long-awaited vacation.

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To prevent this from happening, we propose to arm yourself with the best possible means of protection – information. Below is a list of the most common tourist traps.

Sharashkin offices

Often, in pursuit of low prices for travel services, travelers turn to little-known firms and agencies. This is where the first danger lies in wait for them. It is not uncommon for a trip to simply fail. The money has been paid in advance, and you have some kind of booking receipts (or something else) in your hands, which ultimately will absolutely not help you to prove your case.

There is also a discrepancy of another property. For example, instead of the promised sane charter, you will be put on a maize plant, one of its kind calling to prayers. Or, upon arrival, you find that the hotel in which you are going to spend your vacation does not look at all the same as in the advertising brochure shown in a small but promising agency, or it did in the days of your grandma’s youth.

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The temptation to support the “small developing business” will await you everywhere: at the airport, “black” taxi drivers will offer their services right at the ramp, the most honest landlords of private apartments will crawl at your feet, helpful independent guides near local attractions … The solution is simple: don’t settle for anything.

The best way to protect yourself from the plume of the consequences of the “sharashkin office” is to use the services of well-proven firms with impressive experience in the market and the same impressive list of positive reviews from grateful travelers.

And even if you really, really want to save money in this way, do not hesitate to ask for a license, ownership documents, copies of receipts with the owner’s name (in the case of apartments), and so on. You have every right to do so. If for some reason they refuse you: be sure, they want to deceive you.

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Don’t overpay

Travelers are often caught on one more point. Being in a kind of euphoria upon arrival in a new country, tourists do not bother at all about reinsurance and checking the provided accounts.

We recommend that you agree in advance and in the most careful way about all the amounts that you will have to pay for a product or service in the future. So, in the hotel, not too honest owners may try to put you in a worse room or without a pre-agreed view from the window. All details should be specified in the preliminary contract. Also, be sure to check the price list.

The same is true when renting a taxi – if you happen to use the services of a street bombila, be sure to check the cost of the trip several times. Otherwise, at the end, the nimble driver may tell you an amount 10 times higher than the agreed one, citing poor understanding of English or something else. It will also be superfluous to check the route on your own map – unscheduled “sightseeing tours” by taxi for visitors have not been canceled.

When entering popular restaurants (most often in the city center), you can often find a counter with a menu or a sign with dishes and prices. If you decide to go to one of these establishments – immediately check the “street” prices with those in the menu brought to you – they can often differ significantly. Also, at least selectively check the contents of the dinner check. Kind, but absent-minded waiters can “accidentally” enter there a couple of dishes that you did not order, or, for example, a bottle of water, which, as it were, accidentally ended up on your table.

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In vigilant citizen mode

In general, before the trip, you just need to turn the toggle switch of your own attentiveness and caution to the highest possible level. Do not entrust your luggage to strangers (even if they are smiling and polite), keep documents and credit cards with you (even with hotel cells, something can happen), do not be persuaded to take you past the line, sell something from under the floor or much cheaper.

Always hold the camera by the strap, control your purse (especially in queues and crowded places), do not leave your documents anywhere (including the hotel reception), and do not pay with a card in places with a dubious reputation.

We also recommend that you study the peculiarities of each individual country before traveling. Following these simple recommendations will help you return home with all your belongings, as well as only the most pleasant memories.

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