Good to know: the best airlines in the world have been named

High-quality service and reliability are the key to a comfortable trip, so the choice of an airline is of great importance when planning a trip. We will tell you which carriers will justify your trust one hundred percent.

According to the Business Insider portal, those who would meet three basic requirements could apply for the title of the best airlines in the world:

  • High-quality service (taking into account how comfortable traveling with this company, as well as travelers’ reviews about it);
  • Punctuality (took into account the statistics of departures for the last three months);
  • Work with passengers (the level of efficiency was assessed when working with complaints / complaints from passengers).

Based on the research conducted, a rating was compiled of those airlines that travelers around the world trust the most. So, take note:

  1. Qatar Airways (the company received the highest reviews on all points of the assessment);
  2. Air Dolomiti (regional subsidiary of Lufthansa) – for the high level of service and smooth operation;
  3. Another Lufthansa subsidiary, Austrian Airlines, closes the top three. It was especially highly appreciated for its punctuality and efficient customer service;
  4. Singapore Airlines (the disadvantage was the shortcomings in working with “problem” customers);
  5. KLM (the weak point of this carrier – only 88% of its flights arrive according to the schedule);
  6. Virgin Atlantic Airways (British airline that scored high on all counts);
  7. Air Baltic (the popular low-cost airline has a “lame” quality of service, but there are no problems with flight punctuality and the work with passengers’ complaints is well established);
  8. Cathay Pacific Airways (excellent service, comfortable cabins and high level of service on board);
  9. Air Canada (one of the best carriers in North America);
  10. Finnair (can boast of punctual flights and efficient work);
  11. Lufthansa (recognized as the best carrier in Western Europe and the best transatlantic company);
  12. Air France (the main drawback is poor punctuality of flights);
  13. Emirates (unexpectedly low score due to reduced service delivery efficiency);
  14. British Airways (received “Credit” as the fastest in handling passenger complaints).

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