Georgian hospitality: a gift of wine for each guest

Generous Georgians pamper their guests: from now on, every tourist will receive a bottle of wine as a gift right at the airport.


According to the Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy of Georgia, every foreign citizen entering in May will receive a bottle of local wine upon arrival.

It is also reported that such auctions of unprecedented generosity will be opened at once in several of the country’s largest airports. So, arriving in Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi, the traveler immediately gets the opportunity to taste the brand red dry wine Saperavi 2012.

It is worth noting that bottles with wine will be dressed in original labels, on which some entertaining and important facts about the culture of drinking this exquisite drink will be printed especially for the guests of the country. In addition, from the same informative label it will be possible to learn about the ancient traditions of Georgia itself. According to representatives of the agency, such a move is intended to awaken interest in the production and export of famous Georgian wines.

Besides buying Kiev – Tbilisi flights, Kiev – Kutaisi, Kiev – Batumi, remember that in this country they like to pamper their guests with wine and in connection with all kinds of holidays. A similar action was already held earlier in Georgia. So, on the last day of the year – December 31, everyone who was at the Tbilisi airport received not one, but two bottles of the drink as a gift. Then the foreign guests of the country were presented with at least 47 thousand bottles of alcoholic beverage. This was done within the framework of special events related to the start of free trade with the countries of the European Union.

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