Georgia looses quarantine restrictions

The Georgian authorities have decided to shorten the curfew and ease some restrictions.

Now the ban on movement will be in effect from 23:00 to 5:00 (previously it was from 21:00). Violators of the order are forced to pay a fine of about $ 580.

The establishments will be allowed to receive guests in open areas on weekends. Previously, restaurants could only receive guests on weekdays.

Recall that from March 1, citizens of Ukraine can again visit Georgia, providing a negative PCR test. Since July 1, the country’s authorities have lifted restrictions on international air traffic. Also, all foreign tourists who have completed the full course of vaccination against coronavirus can enter the country, the vaccine can be of any type.

We also remind that the authorities of Montenegro open the borders of the country this week for all foreign tourists. Previously, not everyone could enter the country.

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