FAQ: do I need to change my passport after changing my name?

The honeymoon is the most pleasant and long-awaited event, which couples sometimes expect more than the wedding itself. After a long pre-wedding bustle, you can finally breathe out: relatives are happy, rings flaunt on their ring fingers, all the money in envelopes is counted, and hearts are full of love and hope. It’s time to go on a long-awaited journey. But here’s one caveat: officially, the bride (and maybe the husband) already has a new surname, and the old one still flaunts in the passport. And how to be? Can they not be released abroad? Don’t panic! Let’s explain everything now.

Tickets are issued for the old name, but I have a new one. Is this a reason not to let me go abroad?

Exhale! Will be released. At the border, no one will ask you for your internal passport, you only need a foreign one. The most important thing is that the names in the foreign passport and the ticket match, you can not worry about the rest.

So it turns out I can not change it at all?

No, that won’t work. The passport will need to be changed after you receive your internal passport (ID card) with a new surname. The passport must be changed within 1 month from the date of marriage. If you don’t have time, you will have to pay a small fine. According to Article 197 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine, administrative liability for the use of an invalid passport provides for the imposition of a fine in the amount of 17 to 51 UAH.

In my old passport I had a visa to the United States. Do I need to get a visa again after changing my name?

According to the information on the website of the US Embassy in Ukraine, in case of a change of surname, you must obtain a new passport and apply to the embassy with it to obtain a new visa. The harsh truth is that a visa cannot be transferred from an old passport to a new one. Upon reapplication, the applicant must re-pay all fees and fulfill all the necessary requirements, as with the standard visa application. Alas and ah.

At the same time, for those whose passport expires, the rules are more loyal. If your passport with a visa has expired or will soon expire, then it can be used in tandem with a new one. Differences in the transliteration of the first and last name in the old and new passports are not important, the main thing is that the citizenship in the passports coincides.


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