FAQ: answering popular questions from readers

We haven’t had this heading for a long time! Since March, air travel and travel have changed beyond recognition, and there are more questions than answers. Which countries are open and where can you fly? Do you need a test and insurance everywhere? How to get a refund for an unused ticket? In this article, we’ll answer the most popular questions our support team gets.

I was not refunded for the ticket. What to do?

First of all, find out where the ticket was purchased. This can be done by carefully looking at the ticket and the email address from which it was sent to you.

tripmydream – search for flights and travel. We collect in one place the most advantageous discount offers that are available on the websites of airlines and sales services, but we do not sell tickets. Therefore, alas, we cannot influence the refund and speed it up.

If the ticket was purchased on the airline’s website, you must contact the support service indicated on the official website.

If the ticket was purchased at a ticket sales service, contact them. This can be done not only by mail, but also through the messenger, phone, social networks.

Waiting for a response from the service and the airline can take up to several months.

There is also an option to make a chargeback or chargeback – a refund through the bank from which the payment was made. To do this, you need to contact the bank – they will tell you the conditions of this operation, as well as what documents are needed for this.

Refunds from the most popular low-cost airlines Wizzair and Ryanair

We have described in detail how to get a refund for a Wizz Air ticket in this article.

Ryanair sends information about it to the mail after the flight is canceled. They offer a choice of a voucher or a refund. To speed up the process of receiving funds, you can write to Ryanair chat and request a refund there.

If the borders do not open, will the airline refund the money for the purchased ticket?

No, a ban on a tourist’s entry into the country is not a basis for a refund. But you can always write to the airline support service and find out the details. For example, when buying tickets for a certain period of time, Ryanair allows you to change the departure date for free, you need to pay extra only if there is a difference in fares.

Can you fly anywhere? What are the green and red zones?

In most countries, citizens of Ukraine are not allowed to enter. You can track information about where entry is allowed and what conditions are possible on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, an interactive map was specially created. There you will find transit information and country specific information.

Also, the Ministry divided the countries into “green” and “red”. After the reds, a test for COVID-19 or self-isolation is required. After returning from green, nothing is required, but there may be additional conditions for entry. The country may be in the green zone, but Ukrainians are prohibited from entering there, so be sure to check the conditions of entry on the interactive map. The list is updated every week, you can track it on the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Is a Covid-19 test needed in all countries? And insurance?

All country specific features and entry rules can be viewed on an interactive map from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It states whether an entry test is needed or not, and whether insurance with COVID-19 coverage is required.

We always recommend taking out insurance, it can be easily done right on our website.

Where do you recommend to go to rest during a pandemic?

Traveling is very individual and difficult to recommend anything specific. At the present time, no one knows whether the borders of Ukraine will be closed, whether entry into a certain country will be allowed and under what conditions. But you can always travel around your country. To do this, we have created a section with travel ideas in Ukraine, where we talk in detail about each region, as well as write about interesting places and routes.

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