European cities with the cleanest air named

The European Environment Agency has compiled an updated ranking of cities with the cleanest air. The ranking is topped by a Swedish town.

To compile the rating, the content of fine particulate matter in the air of each city was assessed. The research took place in 323 European cities. In 127 the quality was called “good”. The worst is in the Polish city of Nowy Sонcz, Italian Cremona and Croatian Slavonski Brod.

TOP 10 European cities with the cleanest air:

  1. Umeå (Sweden)
  2. Tampere (Finland)
  3. Funchal (Portugal)
  4. Tallinn (Estonia)
  5. Bergen (Norway)
  6. Uppsala (Sweden)
  7. Narva (Estonia)
  8. Salamanca (Spain)
  9. Stockholm, Sweden)
  10. Tartu (Estonia)

The full research can be found here.

According to 34travel.

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