Electronic plane ticket: what you need to know

We have a huge audience of seasoned travelers, but there are also those who are just planning their first flight. Especially for beginners, we will now tell you what an electronic ticket is and what to do with it, in fact.

What is an electronic plane ticket?

An electronic ticket is an entry in the airline’s database, a digital form of a regular paper ticket. All airlines belonging to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have switched to e-tickets since 2008.

Buying an electronic ticket, you, in fact, conclude an agreement with an airline and get the right to fly by plane from one point to another.

E-ticket is fast, secure and very convenient.

  • To buy eticket, it is not necessary to go somewhere and, God forbid, to stand in line. The air ticket will fly directly to yours email
  • You can pay both through terminals and ATMs, and through banking computer systems.
  • You can buy an electronic ticket not only in your own name, but also for relatives or friends. They only need to come to the registration.
  • An electronic ticket is stored in electronic form and will definitely not go anywhere. It will not be eaten by your dog, you will not lose it and pour tea. As soon as you buy a ticket, its data will be saved in the airline’s database.

Immediately after purchasing an e-ticket, you can email itinerary receipt will come. In it – all information about the flight, including the number of the electronic ticket. You may need it if you need to go through the self check-in procedure and register yourself.


The itinerary receipt usually states:

  • Last name, first name and passport number of the passenger.
  • Booking number / booking code, which can be used to validate the ticket in the booking systems, manage the booking on the airline’s website or check in for the flight online.
  • E-ticket number.
  • The numbers of all flights along the route.
  • Airlines operating all of these flights.
  • All points on the route: cities of departures and arrivals with codes and names of airports.
  • The date and time of each departure (sometimes the end time of check-in is also indicated), as well as the estimated time of arrival – always according to local time.
  • Baggage conditions for each flight.
  • Booking class.
  • Price and its components: basic tariff, additional fees.

Do I need to print an itinerary receipt? In theory, no. During check-in at the airport, the airline employees find the reservation in their database using the passenger’s passport. But, in order not to worry once again, print this file and download it to your phone.

An itinerary receipt may be needed in such cases:

  • For presentation to the aviation security service at the entrance to some airports (for example, in India).
  • If the flight is delayed or canceled.
  • When applying for a visa.
  • If return tickets are a condition for entering another country.
  • If the technique fails. Yes, sometimes this happens, so it’s better to play it safe and take a paper version of the itinerary receipt.

What to do with an electronic plane ticket?

With an e-ticket, you can check in for your flight at a regular check-in counter. It is enough just to arrive at the airport, show your passport at the airline counter (your electronic ticket is already saved in the airline’s database), get a boarding pass, hand over luggage, go through control and inspection, and then on landing.

You can also check in at the airport at the self check-in kiosk.

Well, experienced travelers, as we have already told you, always check-in for the flight in advance and online.