Egypt attracts in different ways.

Someone is still under the impression of his first dive 🐠 in the Red Sea. Having once dipped into such a vibrant underwater world, it’s hard to find a better place. One wants to return to Egypt again and again. Someone is attracted by the fascinating antiquities, temples, mummies and pyramids, the color of both Africa and the East.

And the opportunity to just relax as a family by the sea, without worrying about anything – all-inclusive, in hotels with good service, with swimming pools, water parks and spa centers. Priceless!

Seaside resorts in Egypt can be divided into 3 groups: Hurghada and resort towns nearby, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab on the Red Sea, and resorts near Alexandria on the Mediterranean.


A classic resort town with sandy gentle beaches. This is the place where you can have a good all-inclusive vacation.

Hurghada and neighboring resort areas on the western shore of the Red Sea are very similar to Turkey. The best resorts for a beach holiday in Egypt in the first place is here. Especially for holidays with children.

The advantages of vacationing in Hurghada

βœ… The most important advantage of Hurghada is the sandy beaches, in some places with shallow water for kids.

βœ… There is a well-developed urban infrastructure. It is possible to go outside the hotel for a walk, go to stores, cafes, museums, go sailing on a yacht.

βœ… In summer the heat is easier to bear than in the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh due to the breeze from the sea.

βœ… It would be nice to stay in Hurghada with children. There is a wide choice of hotels, designed for recreation with children, with slides, pools and water parks, with a mini club, disco, fun animation and shallow water. You can go to the aquarium and museum.

βœ… For adults, too, plenty of entertainment in the form of active animation in hotels, discos, nightclubs, beach parties.

βœ… It is also the closest from Hurghada to Luxor. If you dream of an excursion there, then choose this resort. See with your own eyes the ancient temples and the city of the dead with necropolises, tombs and burial temples.

And still it is better to get to the pyramids from Sharm el-Sheikh, but even better from the Mediterranean resorts – from Marsa-Matrouh, for example.

By the way, the museums of Egyptian antiquities have recently opened in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. So there is no need to go far away from the resorts. All museums are near and work late, for the convenience of tourists. The ticket is about $13, free for children.

Hurghada, being on the west coast of the Red Sea, is territorially safer and farther from the tensions of the Middle East.

What to look out for when going on vacation to Hurghada:

☝ If you’re flying for the reef, consider other resorts near Hurghada – Makadi Bay or Marsa Alam – or opt for Sharm el-Sheikh.

☝ It’s almost always windy in Hurghada. From March to November the wind is warm, but in winter it gets noticeably colder. The airport is located close to Hurghada, but you can also visit resorts close to Hurghada, where it is less windy in winter (Makadi Bay for example).

Choose a hotel in Hurghada if it is newer or after renovation.

Hotels in Hurghada

For adults only! Hotel Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle 5* in Hurghada (water park and pools are heated in winter, live music and fun discos)

πŸ˜‰ Pay attention to the partying Meraki Resort 4* – fun, adults only

Steigenberger Aqua Magic 5* is a good hotel for families in central Hurghada

Hotels in Hurghada recommended by travel agents:

β–ͺ Seagull Beach Resort 4*
β–ͺ Sunny Days Resort Spa & Aqua Park 4*
β–ͺ Albatros Alf Leila Wa Leila 4*
β–ͺ Desert Rose Resort 5*
β–ͺ Dana Beach Resort 5*
β–ͺ Titanic Palace 5*
β–ͺ Continental Hotel 5*
β–ͺ Hilton Hurghada Plaza Hotel 5*
β–ͺ Rixos Premium Magawish Suites & Villas 5*

Tourist cities in Egypt near Hurghada

El Gouna

Tourist resort located 20 km north of Hurghada. It is a scattering of islands, with channels and bridges. There are beaches with large shoals, there are diving and kitesurfing centers. In general, a very quiet and measured vacation in the premium hotels.

☝ Keep in mind that not all hotels have their own access to the beach.

On the beachfront, there are:

πŸ”΅ Movenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna 5. πŸ”΅ Three Corners Rihana Resort 4.

Sahl Hasheesh

The new “Green Valley” resort on the Red Sea very close to Hurghada with a predominance of five-star hotels. Actively built up to the present time.

Similar to El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh is built in a similar oriental style with the same general concept of preserving the natural landscapes, with gardens, artificial canals and lagoons. The presence of an excellent reef. Underwater fascinate with the ruins of the ancient port city of Isis.

List of hotels, where to stay in Sahl Hasheesh:

🟑Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh 5. 🟑Albatros Citadel Sahl Hasheesh 5
🟑Premier Le Reve 5*
🟑Sunrise Romance Resort 5*
🟑Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh 5*

Makadi Bay

Egyptian resort 25 km south of Hurghada. What is good about it:

βœ… A combination of sandy beaches and coral reefs. Makadi Bay is both for the beach with kids and for diving, surfing too.

βœ… Makadi is a resort completely for tourists. There are good and new hotels, but there is nothing behind their territory – desert and mountains. The locals don’t live here.

It is windless all year round and warmer than Hurghada in winter! If you are looking for a good option for New Year – we advise you to choose hotels in this bay.

Hotels in Makadi Bay:

🟑 Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort 5. 🟑 Sunrise Tucana 5.
🟑 Stella Makadi Beach Resort 5*
🟑 Jaz Makadi 5*
🟑 Prima Life Makadi 5*
🟑 Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay 5*

Soma Bay

A young resort area 40 km south of Hurghada. It is one more resort which combines marvelous beaches with white sand and coral reefs with clear water of the Red Sea.

Here are upscale five-star hotels and thalassotherapy centers:

🟒 Sheraton Soma Bay 5. 🟒 Movenpick Soma Bay 5.
🟒 Kempinski Soma Bay 5*


A small resort 50 km south of Hurghada, located in the bay. Why tourists choose Safaga:

βœ… It has the cleanest sand with healing properties (sand therapy sounds interesting), sandy beaches, shoals and a calm sea that is ideal for children. A couple of islands protect the bay from the wind.

βœ… Simultaneously with the windless bay in Safaga there are cool spots for kite and windsurfing with decent winds.

☝ If you want to have fun and walk around town, it’s definitely not about Safaga. It’s more of a relaxing hotel holiday. The truth is not particularly luxurious hotels, 3-4* are common here.

Marsa Alam

Translated “fish village” and this is the whole essence of this resort town. Tranquil, remote from the popular resorts, but with impressive coral reefs.

Why choose Marsa Alam:

βœ… Untouched reefs! It is here the largest diving center on the Red Sea. But do not forget to take special shoes, without it there is no way.

βœ… Marsa Alam is sparsely populated and does not feel like an ant colony during peak tourist season. Here, there is solitude, unhurriedness, and relaxation in the hotel.

☝ The drive from Hurghada is long – 270 km to the south. Be prepared for a long transfer.

☝ The wind is always here, if only in summer it is not so strong.

☝ Outside the hotel is literally desert and there is nothing!

β–ͺ Albatros Sea World Marsa Alam 4*
β–ͺ Iberotel Costa Mares 5* – new beach hotel with a beautiful reef nearby, turtles, rays and cows (sea of course) are waiting 😍

Sharm el Sheikh

It is hard to imagine that someone has not heard anything about Egypt’s famous tourist city of Sharm el-Sheikh. It is a resort in Sinai and also, like Hurghada, on the Red Sea coast. Stretched for many kilometers along the Gulf of Aqaba. The best resort in Egypt, according to many.

Why do they love Sharm:

βœ… The reefs here are right by the shore. Fans of snorkeling and diving love Sharm el Sheikh with all their hearts. Here is the most diverse underwater world.

βœ… The most popular location is Naama Bay, with its sandy beaches and promenade. This is the best place to go with kids! For those who love snorkeling we suggest a coral beach with a reef in Temple Bay – there are pontoons and you can dive right into the fish.

βœ… The winter in Sharm is very comfortable. It’s a few degrees warmer than Hurghada and has windless bays (Naama Bay for instance). For New Year it’s better to stay in Sharm el Sheikh – the water is +23! In summer it’s hotter than in Hurghada and a refreshing sea breeze is rare.

The choice of excursions is good – Sinai, Israel, Jordan. It takes a lot of time to get to the Valley of the Pyramids, so it is better to go on such an excursion with local airlines.

βœ… Visa on arrival in Sharm el-Sheikh is free (stamped Sinai only), but if you are going on an excursion to Luxor or Cairo, you will have to pay a visa fee of $ 25 per person.

☝ In Sharm, be sure to take slippers for swimming. Coral shards can be found on many beaches.

Let’s run through the most popular resorts – bays in Sharm el-Sheikh. Here’s our list to help you get your bearings quickly:

Popular resorts – coves in Sharm el Sheikh

Naama Bay is the central tourist area with numerous hotels and a pedestrian street. No wind here, the beaches are sandy and gentle entry, not much coral and they are far from the shore (from the pontoon).

🐠 Tropitel Naama Bay Hotel 5* – hotel in the middle of partying Naama, nice little beach for kids, slides.
🐠 Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel 5* – luxury hotel with its own reef. In winter, all pools are heated.

Sharm el Maya and Ras-um-el-Sid – the bays are somewhat similar to Naama Bay. The beaches are the same, for a holiday with children chic. Here is the center, the old town and the local market. Nearby is Hadaba bay with a deeper sea and a reef, it is almost always windless.

🐠 Aqua Blu Sharm El Sheikh 4* – hotel for families, with slides, was recently renovated.
🐠 Albatros Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh 5* – the hotel is new, with a cool water park and numerous pools. The biggest water park in Sharm El Sheikh!
🐠 Reef Oasis Beach 5. 🐠 Sentido Reef Oasis 5
🐠 Sunrise Diamond Beach Resort 5* – 2020 updated all the infrastructure, rooms and children’s water park. After the renovation, this is the hotel everyone wants, so it may be on tap for the season. The property has gardens, a private beach, plus it’s not far from downtown.

Sharks Bay is a popular bay with a reef near the shore. No currents, clear water and a huge number of hotels of different classes.

🐠 Sultan Gardens 5* is a hotel that will be good with kids.
🐠 Grand Rotana Resort 5* – chic, with its own coral beach, lagoons for kids and winter heated pools.
🐠 Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh 5* is one of the most luxurious hotels in Egypt with Moorish style interiors.

Nabq is an area with good hotels, lots of family friendly ones with water activities. It’s shallow near the shore. Hotels try to clean the bottom of coral shards. The reef is some distance from the shore.

🐠 Rehana Royal Beach Resort 5.

🐠 Albatros Laguna Vista Resort 5 – the hotel underwent a complete renovation, updated the pontoon in 2021
Coral Sea Holiday Resort & Aqua Park 5* – huge hotel-city, lots of greenery, its own water park and entertainment for all ages
🐠 Royal Albatros Moderna 5* – hotel with a sandy lagoon. Everything is geared up for children. Last year the rooms were updated.
🐠 Steigenberger Alcazar 5* – hotel opened June 1, 2017
🐠 Rixos Sharm El Sheikh 5* – now Adults Only, in 2020 was renovated, upgraded Superior rooms. Heated pools in winter.
🐠 Rixos Seagate 5* – here everything is for holidays with children. There are special areas for infants by the pool, Rixy Club for older children, the menu has dishes especially for kids. The area is huge, there are swimming pools and slides. The bathymetry is amazing, you can go on a dune buggy and ride on the pier.

Ras Nasrani – in the opinion of many is the bay with the most beautiful reef. True winter winds blow.

🐠 Jaz Belvedere 5* – a good family hotel a little away from the center of Sharm el Sheikh. The entrance to the sea is cleaned of coral shards. There is plenty of entertainment on the grounds.
🐠 Baron Palms Resort 5* – adults only hotel
🐠 Coral Sea Sensatori 5* – hotel on 1 line with a nice sandy beach, the entrance is comfortable. For holidays with kids – a place where kids will be busy all day
🐠 Albatros Palace Sharm 5*
🐠 Baron Resort Sharm el Sheikh 5* – its own promenade and very nice area. For children special menus, playgrounds, pools and sea


A resort located 90 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh. Naturally also on the Red Sea. Recently a trendy place for wintering in Egypt by the sea.

βœ… A top location for wind and kitesurfing in Egypt due to the constant wind. For snorkeling there are also interesting places – more than 30 dive sites.

βœ… Gentle beaches, golden sand, but corals are a must. The sand is often mixed with sharp coral shards.

Egyptian resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

Tours on regular flights to Cairo allow you to take a closer look at Egypt’s Mediterranean resorts – El Alamein, Diamond Bay, and Mersa Matrouh. They are all near Alexandria.

What is the appeal of vacationing on the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt?

βœ… Beaches with white fine sand in contrast with the azure water. But this is no place for diving.

βœ… The proximity of Cairo and the pyramids, because such excursions from Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are very exhausting. And here everything is close!

βœ… In summer there is no intense heat like on the Red Sea coast. The season on the Egyptian Mediterranean Sea from late April to October. In winter, however, it is not worth flying here – it rains and the water in the sea is cool.

β–ͺ Jaz Almaza Beach 5* in Mersa Matrouh
β–ͺ The Rixos Alamein 5* is only an hour from Cairo

Egypt’s best resorts – brief summary

  • Where to go to vacation in Egypt if you need a comfortable sandy beach?

In the Hurghada area or on the Mediterranean.

  • Where to rest in Egypt with a child?

There are good family hotels in all resorts. With lagoons and shallow water, water parks, slides and “frogs”.

  • Where better to go in Egypt to see the fish?

Of course to Sharm el Sheikh. But if you want a more secluded vacation, then look closer to Dahab or Marsa Alam.

  • Where to go on a honeymoon in Egypt?

In a luxury hotel chain Rixos or Four Seasons.

  • The best resorts in Egypt for a summer vacation?

Hurghada and the Mediterranean coast near Alexandria.

  • Where to go in Egypt in the winter?

It’s best to Sharm el Sheikh. As we have already written, it is warmer and there is almost no wind. You can choose Dahab.

  • What resort to choose in Egypt if you want to see the pyramids and temples in Luxor?

The most convenient departure point for excursions are resorts on the Mediterranean Sea. But from the main tourist cities of Egypt, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh excursions to major attractions are also possible. Both by bus and by air flight.