Egypt introduces lockdown: what restrictions will apply?

Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbuli said that from May 6, a strict lockdown will be introduced in the country, which will last until May 16. During this period, all shopping centers, shops and restaurants will be closed.

Mass gatherings and concerts will be banned, and even beaches and parks will be closed from May 12 to 16. Whether this will affect the limitation of beaches at hotels is not specified.

“The government is deeply concerned that citizens do not fully comply with precautions regarding their own health and the health of those around them. We see that the infection affects entire families, when one person gets sick, he infects all his relatives and friends. “, – the Prime Minister explained the decision.

Egypt’s health ministry has reported 1,090 new cases and 60 more deaths as of Tuesday. Experts say official numbers likely reflect only a small fraction of the country’s COVID-19 cases due to relatively limited testing and a lack of private test results.

According to Reuters.

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