Egypt has changed the rules of entry: what tourists need to know

New rules were introduced to prevent test tampering.

Since September 1, Egypt has adopted the requirement to enter the country with a negative test result for COVID-19. Then it was necessary to present a certificate from the laboratory in English with a wet seal or a barcode with the result of the analysis not earlier than 72 hours before departure. But already from December 1, the document should also have a watermark or QR code.

A certificate of a negative test result must be published in English. Mandatory: providing the original of the certificate with a wet seal and a watermark or QR code. The requirement for the mandatory presence of a QR code or a watermark on the original of the test begins to operate from 01.12.2020, – the tour operator “JoinUp!” Informs tourists.

If you do not have the original with you, you can show the certificate from the laboratory in electronic form at the border.

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