The Dominican Republic – miles of sandy beaches contrasting with clear water of incredible shades. Flying here with a child is a good idea. We will tell you all about vacation in the Dominican Republic with children, where it is better and when, which hotels have water parks and entertainment for children, and where you can go with a tour and not get tired.

Dominican Republic with a child – when to fly better

For a vacation with a child, you always want to choose the perfect season without any weather surprises. Warming sun and calm sea, but without the heat and rain all day. When is the best time to vacation in the Dominican Republic with children?

Officially, the high season in the Dominican Republic from November to April. It is during these months is not very hot, the humidity is lower. Water in both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean keeps the heat of a hot summer and heats up to +27. The weather is suitable for both beach holidays, and for excursions. It rains too, but less than the rainy season from May to October.

Definitely good weather from November to December: gentle sunshine and warm, warm water. Enjoy all the days at the beach, enjoy your holidays in the Dominican Republic and stock up on vitamin D as a family.

In January and February the weather conditions are often unpredictable – there can be wind and with it cloudiness and waves in the sea. The air during the day warms up to +26 +28, but because of the wind is noticeably cool, a jacket will come in handy. The temperature changes at night are also noticeable. At this time, the best resorts to choose are those on the Caribbean coast (Bayahibe, Boca Chica), where there are no strong winds and it’s always warmer.

In March and April the weather is perfect again, so feel free to plan a vacation with children in the Dominican Republic at this time.

Is it worth flying in other months? You can vacation with children in the Dominican Republic all year round. Although the period from May to October is considered the wet season, but it is not quite the rainy season as in Asia. There can be more rain, but they almost do not interfere with a beach vacation. What you need to consider when planning a vacation in the Dominican Republic with children during this period:

High humidity. Not all children and adults can tolerate the heat and stuffiness;
Algae. It is in the summer that there is a greater likelihood of algae on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.
hurricanes. From August to September hurricanes and gale force winds are possible in the Caribbean. And although usually strong hurricanes bypass the Dominican Republic, but it is impossible to predict for sure.

Which resorts are better to stay in the Dominican Republic with children

In the Dominican Republic there are resorts for all tastes, but what is suitable for a holiday with a child? Where to relax – by the sea or on the ocean?

First of all, it is important to decide on the coast. Resorts on the Caribbean Sea ( Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio) are located in the south of the Dominican Republic and are considered the most suitable for recreation with children. There is a shallow entrance, shallow depth, no waves and no seaweed. Ideal conditions to spend the whole day on the beach. But on the other hand, a small selection of hotels. It seems to be good, but very quiet, any special entertainment should not wait.

It is better to choose a hotel in a resort village Bayahibe near La Romana, there are good beaches and will be comfortable with small children. The hotels have a relaxed atmosphere, it is much quieter than in Punta Cana. White sand, shallow and calm water of the Caribbean Sea – kids will love it.

The resort of Boca Chica is also on the Caribbean Sea, but located closer to the capital Santo Domingo. This is a popular place for families where children can safely splash in the shallow water. The beach here is as if designed for children’s leisure, the sea is shallow, warm and without waves.

But the hotels here are very budget – the situation and the territory is modest, the food is monotonous, there are few entertainments. On the beaches a lot of local, colorful atmosphere, but not all tourists like it. And they write about the sewage, which just stagnate in a natural lagoon near the beach Boca Chica. It is better to pay a little extra, but choose another, more prosperous resort – Bayahibe or Punta Cana.

The popular Punta Cana is already on the Atlantic coast. The beaches are very beautiful, it’s hard to put into words the feeling when you find yourself there for the first time. But the ocean is not as calm as the sea. On some beaches noticeable waves that can interfere with swimming. Although older children are a lot of fun in the waves.

In general, Punta Cana is good for a holiday in the Dominican Republic with children of all ages – it will be comfortable for both kids and older children. Here are the main advantages of the resort:

  • The airport is close by, which means that after a long flight you will quickly get to your hotel.
  • Beaches with white sand (with children is better to choose a beach in the area of Bavaro, there is a gentle bottom, low waves and white sand, which is not heated even in the heat).
  • In Punta Cana are the best hotels, aimed at recreation with children in the Dominican Republic – with animation, water parks, mini-clubs, children’s menus.
  • There are a lot of attractions for children and outside the hotels – parks, dolphinariums, surfing schools.

Best hotels in the Dominican Republic for a comfortable stay with children

Rest in the Dominican Republic with children, where is the best, what hotel? Choose hotels 4* and 5* and you will not go wrong. Most family-oriented hotels in the Dominican Republic have:

  • Children’s clubs, where there are interesting activities, workshops and games. You can leave your child there, he will be under the care of teachers. Often organized special clubs for teenagers, where they can occupy their leisure time and socialize with their peers.
  • children’s playgrounds for toddlers, where you can climb and swing on the swings.
  • Children’s pools with water slides or even their own water parks.
  • children’s animation. Children are not bored in such hotels – every day there are morning exercises, movement and sports games in the hotel or on the beach, quests, evening theater shows, children’s parties, discos for toddlers and teens.
  • Special children’s menu in restaurants. Although even on the buffet in a good restaurant you can always find a suitable and healthy meal for the child – porridges, soups, simple meat or fish dishes, vegetables and fruits.

For very young children there are cribs and playpens, high chairs, strollers, baby-sitting service. There are places where you can heat bottles. Expensive hotels offer a buffet for babies with jarred baby food of famous brands.

We have compiled the top hotels for family vacations, taking into account the recommendations of tour operators, tourist reviews and opinions of experts living in the Dominican Republic.

Sirenis Punta Cana 5* (Punta Cana, Uvero Alto Beach)

This hotel is located on the Uvero Alto beach, the furthest from the center of Punta Cana. The beach is semi-wild, as there are few hotels here. A coconut grove stretches nearby and gives natural shade, there you can hide from the sun if it is too hot. The sand on the beach is yellow, golden. Entrance to the water is gentle, but it quickly begins to deepen. And there are often waves – the Atlantic Ocean in all its glory. Sun loungers on the beach a lot, enough for everyone.

Food praised, especially delicious ripe fruit and freshies from them. On the territory of the hotel, there are many places to eat yourself or feed a child who is hungry or does not want to get out of the water.

And then there’s the water park, where you can spend the whole day!

Riu Palace Bavaro 5, Riu Palace Punta Cana 5, Riu Bambu 5, Riu Naiboa 4.

The entire hotel chain is located on the beach Arena Gorda, just above the popular Bavaro. The beach is amazing and wide with white soft sand, water of incredible colors and tall Dominican palm trees. Algae on the beach is rare, but there are waves.

Children will love the water park at the hotel Splash Water Park, it’s free for guests. You can go at least every day, because to go specially anywhere is not necessary. Children from 110 cm can visit the water park, with this strictly, safety first of all.

The hotel complex resembles a whole city. In nearby hotels you can easily pass, swim in pools and take drinks (except RIU Republica and RIU Macao, they are for adults, children will not be allowed there).
Children’s animation is at a high level, especially children from 6-7 years old will be interested. In the evenings, fun disco and entertaining shows (musicals, circus, dance, magic tricks, contests).

Iberostar Punta Cana 5, Iberostar Dominicana 5, Iberostar Bavaro 5*.

Another famous hotel chain on the Arena Gorda beach. Imagine the picture – incredibly beautiful ocean, cool and clean sand. There are always waves, both children and adults have fun on them.

The complex consists of four hotels, which have a huge common area. All immersed in greenery – a continuous botanical garden with numerous paths. The pond has flamingos, ducks, geese, herons, turtles and fish. In the pool overlooking the ocean and covered with palm trees pleasant to bask if suddenly the beach wind rises. It is very convenient that there is a separate restaurant near the pool and beach, you can have lunch there.

On the territory of Iberostar Bavaro is a children’s water park, stylized as a pirate ship with slides. It is small, but children under 10 will definitely enjoy splashing about there. The main pools have a gentle entrance, which is also convenient for children.

Grand Memories Splash 5* (Punta Cana, Arena Gorda Beach)

And again Arena Gorda Beach. Hotel Memories is located a little further away, and there is a train with carriages to the beach. The kids love these rides. You can also walk to the beach, the road goes through a nice park with birds and turtles.
The hotel is famous for its Grand Memories Splash water park with a cascade of pools, jacuzzis and water slides. Both children and adults will love it.

The hotel has plenty of entertainment for all ages: a children’s club, where you can leave your child under the supervision of teachers, daily afternoon and evening shows for children and mini-discos. Competitions and contests, magic tricks and theatrical shows will be organized so you won’t get bored.

Occidental Caribe 4* (Punta Cana, Arena Gorda Beach)

This good reasonably priced hotel is also located on the beautiful Arena Gorda Beach. The beach is Blue Flag rated, it really is one of the best in Punta Cana. There is almost never algae, so they do not spoil your vacation. From the sun you can take shelter in the shade of palm trees – just sit and enjoy the ocean. There are waves, but kids are happy to swim, the main thing is not to leave them unattended.

The area of the hotel is small, but very cozy. There is even a small water park for kids. One of the pools and part of the beach – without animation, so that there is always quiet and plays live music in the evenings. Entertainment of course there is also for children and adults. The hotel has a lot of positive feedback, and guests often return to it to spend their next vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Barcelo Bavaro Palace 5* (Punta Cana, Bavaro Beach)

The hotel is on the most popular beach in Punta Cana – Bavaro. The beach is good for children because it is covered with soft white sand and has a gentle approach to the sea. There are noticeably fewer waves here thanks to the coral reef, but there is occasional seaweed, which they try to clean up quickly. Bavaro is often crowded, but if you walk a little to the left along the beach, you will find yourself in a quieter environment. It’s always deserted and feels like you’re alone with the ocean. Along the reef you can snorkel, and if you’re lucky, see starfish or turtles.

Barcelo Bavaro Palace as a whole city with its own infrastructure, including facilities suitable for children. The hotel has a large green area with flamingos and peacocks, and two water parks (free and paid).

There is a lot of entertainment, shows and activities take place every day almost without a break. In the evenings they periodically arrange a disco for teenagers with delicious soft drinks. Especially cool here on holidays – at Christmas and New Year.

Grand Bahia Principe 5, Bahia Fantasia 5

A family resort in the Bavaro area with tropical gardens and a huge territory, on which several hotels of different price categories are located at once. There is a small water park for kids, which is available for all holidaymakers of Bahia Principe hotel chain. There is a gorgeous big pool next to the beach with an area for toddlers. But it is not the only one, there are many pools.

Do you like animation? It’s on the level, as in all good hotels. In the morning there are games on the beach, yoga and dance classes. In the afternoon, the entertainment program moves to the pools. In the evening at the end of the show at the hotel, you can go for a walk to the central square of all Baja hotels, there will be a continuation of the fun.

The area of the hotel chain is very large. You are sure to find an activity to your liking. Choose from: golf courses, tennis courts, soccer field, basketball and volleyball court, play area for children. You can walk endlessly, or you can get around in electric cars. There is a cozy corner of tropical nature with a pond, mangroves and wild birds.

Bahia Principe offers excellent facilities for children of all ages. For infants, there are 24-hour baby stations where you can heat up bottles of food, cook something and even take diapers. The hotel Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro came up with a whole scouting program for children 6-12 years old.

Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus 5* (La Romana, Bayahibe)

According to the feeling of one of the best hotels on the Caribbean coast, it is ideal for family vacations. The sea here is the biggest plus – warm, clean, calm, shallow, there are corals inhabited by fish. Beach lovers will do well here – it’s nice to spend the whole day on the beach and not get out of the water.

Walks around the hotel grounds are enlivened by tame peacocks, ducks and flamingos. Children are entertained well: activities take place either in the hotel’s own building or outside – everyone is dressed in bright vests and a few chaperones are sure to be present. The hotel also comes up with daily activities for adults.

As you can see, there are many hotels for holidays with a child in the Dominican Republic and for every budget. Most hotels are all-inclusive, and you have to agree that’s a big plus.

Excursions worth visiting with a child

Yes, there are many hotels in the Dominican Republic, where children will be fun and comfortable during the holidays. But if you want more of an experience, then go on an excursion. Here is a list of places and attractions that will diversify your vacation in the Dominican Republic with children. Where can you go?

Manati Park in Punta Cana

Manati Park in Punta Cana (Bavaro), an exotic contact zoo. The park will appeal to nature lovers and of course to children. Imagine the pleasure of walking next to iguanas, flamingos, toucans, crocodiles and seals to the trill of many parrots.

Be sure to check out the dolphinarium in the park, where you can swim with dolphins and be charged with positive emotions for a long time. Every day there are interesting performances for children, and Russian-speaking guide will tell you everything.

Get to the park can be on their company bus-truck, find out in the lobby of your hotel schedule and the route.

Dolphin Explorer

Dolphin Explorer in Punta Cana, where dolphins, rays and seals live in their natural environment. You can come here with a child of any age – little ones can pet the dolphin by the side, and older children will enjoy swimming with him in the same pool. In the area of Bavaro is Dolphin Island Park – a boat will take you to Dolphin “island” where you can swim with dolphins, and snorkel in the pool with stingrays and sharks (for children over 110 cm). The impressions are incredible!

Bavaro Adventure Park

Bavaro Adventure Park in Punta Cana. It will be interesting for teenagers. Ride bikes and quad bikes, descend from the mountain in a huge balloon, climb a rope town, fly on the airplane and ziplane – all for children who love active and saturated leisure.


Monkeyland Monkey Park near Bavaro. A great opportunity to interact with the sweetest monkeys, to feed them directly from the hands (food is given in the park). It is allowed to take photos and videos. Be sure to visit this place with children, get great fun, which you will remember for a lifetime.

Water parks

Water parks. If your hotel does not have its own water park, Punta Cana has several options for water fun lovers – Splash Park (hotel Memories Splash), Splash Water World (hotel chain RIU), Sirenis Aquagames (hotel Sirenis).

Saona Island

Saona Island. This excursion is a full day tour, but you can go even with the kids – there will be plenty of free time on the island itself, including for rest and daytime sleep. With a child, it is better to choose an excursion by speedboat with an early departure.

Saona is an island from the picture that is impossible not to fall in love with. The Caribbean Sea shimmers with many shades. What to do on the island? Sunbathe, swim, take pictures, drink Pina Colada and eat fresh fruit. You can play ball or take a mask and go explore the sea.

On the way to Saona Island there will be a stop at the natural starfish pool. The water here is very warm, and the depth is very shallow.

Santo Domingo

For teenagers, it is interesting to visit the capital of Santo Domingo, founded by the younger brother of the famous navigator Christopher Columbus, and immerse yourself in the colonial history of the country: visit the urn with the ashes of Columbus, the discoverer of the island, the unique cathedral built of coral, walk through the old town and see the Columbus lighthouse. In the Middle Ages, Santo Domingo was the capital of all the Spanish colonies of the New World, and is now protected by UNESCO.

Samaná Peninsula

With older children, you can go on an excursion to the Samaná Peninsula, but it is quite tedious and will take all day. But from January to March you can watch the humpback whales in their natural environment. An experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

If your child is interested in water sports, Punta Cana on Macau Beach has a surf school for children and adults. A great place for beginners.

The Dominican 🌴 is turquoise sea and spectacular ocean, endless beaches and special tall palm trees. It’s always warm and sunny, plenty of fruit and a constant desire to enjoy life. Some people think that this is the place for romance and recreation couples. But the Dominican Republic with children is also good. Be sure to take them with you, such a vacation will benefit everyone!