Delta Air Lines canceled flights Moscow-New York

Starting December 1, the American airline Delta Air Lines will stop operating the Moscow – New York route, as well as a number of other flights.

Christopher zavala

Those who are going to fly to America in the coming winter are forced to report the most unpleasant news: do not expect cheap tickets. The popular American carrier announced the termination of all flights from Moscow to the United States. The decision was made in connection with the decline in oil prices and the strengthening of the dollar against other currencies, and it will come into force on December 1, 2015.

Experts, however, note that other factors could have influenced the adoption of such a decision – in particular, the economic inexpediency of flights from Moscow. After all, the bulk of traffic (about 85%) in these directions is carried out by Russian airlines – Transaero and Aeroflot.

Similar reasons prompted Delta Air Lines to cut flights between the US and Japan, India, Brazil, Africa and the Middle East. So there is no need to see any political implications in the changes in the company’s route network.

However, these changes may lead to higher prices for air tickets to New York and other American cities. For example, the market has already started talking about the fact that Aeroflot intends to revise its tariffs, taking into account the departure of significant players from the airfield. We doubt that this revision will be in favor of travelers.

Reference. Delta Air Lines is one of the largest American airlines, founded back in 1924. Until recently, it was the only foreign carrier that operated direct flights from Moscow to New York. In the spring-summer season, the number of Moscow-New York flights was reduced from seven to five, starting from the winter season – flights were canceled.

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