Dealing with tips at the hotel: is it necessary, how much and how

In addition to the difficulties with choosing the city of rest and dates, our subscribers are faced with the problem of tips in hotels, because everything here is not as obvious as with tips in establishments. Let’s clarify the situation?

To begin with, tip is everyone’s business. Some without hesitation give small money to hotel employees, while others think for a long time and doubt. However, there are rules that apply to everyone:


An obvious choice to thank for the cleanliness of your room. It’s not for nothing that they say that these are the most hardworking and least recognizable people in the hotel.

The recommended tip is $ 3-5, but you should consider the number of guests. For example, a family with small children may leave more, because work in such a room will be more difficult, and businessmen who stay in a room for several hours a day may not leave a tip at all.

You shouldn’t offer anything other than money. Alcohol and food in most hotels cannot be taken out of the room.

Leave the money on the bed with a note or in an envelope that says “Thank you.” And most importantly – do not wait until the last day, because the maids change daily. Accordingly, it is highly unlikely that a tip left before check-out will end up in the hands of each of them.



Repairmen do not expect a tip when they come to your room to fix a problem or bring something that was missing. It’s up to you to decide.


Master in a salon or spa center

Even if the cost of living includes the services of the SPA center, you should leave a tip.

Let’s go through the services:

  • hairdressers – 15% of the total check. If someone else washed your hair, he should be given $ 2-3;
  • manicurists – 10-15% of the total bill;
  • massage therapists – 15% of the estimated total.


A person who deals with literally everything: from parking your car to ordering food in your room. Only the most expensive hotels have such workers. You can give the valet $ 2-3 each time or say that you will thank him at the end of your trip. This is possible, since valets do not change in shifts.



We think that no one was going to tip the doorman after every time he holds the door for you (although who knows). But if the doorman calls a taxi for you, thank him 1-2 $.


Reception administrator

This is a person who will always tell you where to go to buy food, where to have dinner and what taxi fare is adequate, so giving him 1-2 $ will not be superfluous. In addition, the administrator works around the clock and definitely deserves it.



A beautiful word for your luggage carrier. The unspoken rule is $ 1-2 per bag or suitcase. But if he prepares the room for your arrival and shows it, you can give $ 5, including those $ 1-2 for suitcases.

We hope that now you will not have any difficulties in order to show the hotel staff that their work is appreciated and that you are satisfied.