Camping: What to Watch Out?


We came to those who want to have an isolated holiday due to today’s conditions with a proposal other than a boat holiday. CAMPING! It is best to camp for clean air in touch with nature! But there are a few important rules that every camper should follow before starting your camping holiday.

 1- Notify

Wherever you go, tell someone close to you and when you are going and when you plan to return. If you have internet, throw this live location near you if necessary and if you prefer, update your live location at any time.

2- Don’t Be Alone

If it is your first experience in camping, try not to go alone. If you have the possibility, go with someone who is already camping.

Preferably don’t go with a large group, as always it can create a big conflict.

3- Car Control

Just in case, have your car checked, maintained and then hit the road. We also recommend that you have spare tires with you if possible.

4- Weather

Before you set off, check the weather of your destination and have your camping gear and clothes ready for that weather.

5- Shopping List

Since there is no business near many free camp sites, you have to provide it yourself. Make a list of your water and food needs and pack them as needed and take them with you.

Do not forget your camping area and materials. You can find all the necessary information in our blog post “#camping: Camping Equipment”.

6- Your Camping Place

While determining the area you are going to camp, you should definitely not do this even if it attracts us with its view, being close to the water source. Wild animals come to water sources to feed at night. Set up your camp at least 200-300 meters away from the water source to avoid the risk of encountering wild animals.

We recommend you to pay attention to the flowing water margins despite the possibility of sudden rain. A 30 cm wide flowing water source can reach a width of 3 meters within minutes as a result of increased rain at a time. So you need to be careful.

Also, never leave food, drinks, and fragrant things on your campsite before sleeping to protect you from wildlife.

7- Foods

While giving importance to eating energizing foods, do not eat everything you find unknowingly in the forest. Herbs and fungi that you do not know can be poisonous and cause you to lose life.

If you do not have clean water and if you are near a water source, filter the residue with a cloth, then boil it to get rid of germs.

Camping Education

If you are still not sure about the rules, you can get Basic Camping Education via blogs on Youtube and the internet.

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