Camping Preparation


If you have completed all your plans and needs for camping, we can start the fun part of the job. Preparing for the camp! Don’t forget to review our other blog posts under #camping.


Your priority should be your first aid kit. Your first aid kit is very important in order to be prepared for any unexpected odds.

Band-aid (it is useful to have plenty of it, it is recommended to prevent it immediately in case of shoots); gauze and bandage; ear cotton and cotton; pharmaceutical tape; oxygenated water; scissors; tweezers; safety pin; You should have antiseptic solution (Baticon) and antiseptic wipes. Of course, do not bypass the basic first aid manual.

We can collect our personal preferences as we collect the basic materials of the first aid kit. The medicines you use regularly, especially; painkiller; burn cream (Lamiderm, etc.); nausea and constipation medications; we recommend taking medications such as nasal spray and vitamin C.

Since sunscreen and pesticides will be your best friend on this holiday, do not miss them.


First of all, do not forget your personal belongings, as always. Some cash, phone charge and powerbank with your wallet.

We can’t skip adding color to your Instagram profile! Your camera, charge, a free memory card, Polaroid / Instax cameras and movies if you prefer.

Buy hiking shoes, sandals / slippers, just in case, long-sleeved fleece, swimwear, sunglasses, pajamas, raincoat for your camping wear.


For your personal care, you need to buy towels, toothbrush & paste, ear stick, shampoo, comb, wipes and toilet paper.

Due to today’s conditions, we recommend that you have plenty of hand disinfectants and a mask just in case.


We have a few more tips to add fun to your entertainment.

Take wired / wireless speakers with you.

For an American-style entertainment, don’t forget to add marshmallows to your Shopping List in “#camping: Camping Tools“.

You can buy card games to add games to your holiday, if you prefer okey (you can think of picnic okey because it is easier to carry), ball, frisbee and fishing rod.

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