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Welcome to your camping guide, TripRouter #camping! Let’s take a look at your indispensable materials according to your choice of your campsite and date. The golden rule of camping is to be light and avoid unnecessary crowd because you will be comfortable with less load.

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First of all, you should choose what your camp shelter will be. There are three different options: tent, on-vehicle tent and caravan.

Tent is the most common shelter choice of camping. Before buying a tent, make sure that it is not an old type of tent and there is a mosquito net. If you have just bought your tent, set up a house in your house to check if it is missing. Do not forget the stakes in order to tie your tent firmly. Finally, the most important rule of setting up a tent in the campsite is to set up your tent late and pay attention to the ground you prefer.

If your vehicle has a ceiling carrying system, you can choose the tent on the vehicle. Vehicle tents, which are very easy and practical to set up, are a good option if you are afraid of insects, but the tent creates a parachute effect in places where the wind is dense. You can also consider buying normal tents with you in case you are unable to travel to each region by car.

Caravan is the most comfortable option of camping, because you can supply your needs such as electricity, water and toilet at any time. But it is worth remembering that caravans cannot go anywhere.



Your choice of sleeping bag is very important. If you are considering camping for summer vacation, you should buy a sleeping bag for summer camps.

We recommend you to lay a mattress or inflatable mattress inside the tent in order to provide more comfort because the sleeping bag alone cannot prevent the cold of the ground. There are many mat options, you can consider inflatable mat if you prefer. It will be an easy to use and very comfortable choice. While the inflatable mattress will be your most comfortable option, you should always have a pump with you to inflate the mattress.



It is very important that you go prepared in many free camping areas since there are no facilities to meet your basic needs. In order to ensure healthy accommodation conditions, you must first have a head lamp, tent light, carabiner, tarpaulin, rope, a good insect repellent and duct tape. Do not forget to have spare batteries for the lamps.

While the head lamp provides convenience to you while doing your work, the isolated tape will save you from many troubles. For example; sticking your torn tent, covering it to prevent rain from getting into your shoes, taping something you don’t want to spill, etc.

You can consider solar shower bag as a remedy for your shower problem. If you fill the bag with water and leave it in the sun, the water in it will get hot, then you can hang the bag in a high place and take a shower.

If you prefer, there are also portable toilets for campers.

We also recommend folding tables, chairs and hammocks for your pleasure. It will maximize your camping holiday.

It is very important to have a multi-tool plier / pocket knife with you and it will make your job easier. It is also important to have the recommended fire starter with you for survival situations. It is one of the materials that you should have with you in case you experience any problems in matches and lighter.

You should definitely take it with you first aid kit, it is vital. Our information about what to find in the first-aid kit is available in our blog post “#camping: Preparation”.



One of the best things about camping is the open kitchen! Welcome to your new camping kitchen. What you need to have in your new kitchen, which is as wide and incredible as you can imagine.

The cooking set (pot, pan, bowl suitable for boiling water); thermos; Aluminum foil; zipper bag (you can store many items in it); metal plates and glasses (do not choose plastic to protect the environment); corkscrew, cap and can opener; wooden spoon; garbage bag; fork spoon knife; detergent and sponge; washing bowl; oil; spices and camping stove to your taste.


Some of the important materials such as duct tape, rope and carbine are: compass and map just in case; whistle and sewing kit. Our information about materials such as entertainment, personal care, personal items and first aid kit is available in our blog post “#camping: Preparation”.

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