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We came to those who want to have an isolated holiday due to today’s conditions with a proposal other than a boat holiday. Camping! It is best to camp for clean air in touch with nature! In this article, we have gathered the best camping areas for you in Antalya, Muğla, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and İzmir cities.



Antalya, which is one of the favorite places of summer holidays, is not only famous for its beautiful hotels, but also famous for its camping areas. Olympos camp area, especially; Geyikbayırı, Maden Bay (Atbükü), Adrasan and Phaselis campgrounds are the reason why Antalya is one of the favorite camp cities.

Olimpos camping area is the most favorite campgrounds of Antalya for young people. Watching night stars in the never-ending fire, ancient ruins and pine forests called Chimera… Olympos is a camping area where you can go especially with your partner. We cannot recommend you to prefer Olympos Beach to be alone, because you have intruders so that you are not alone: ​​caretta carettas! It is very important that you respect their habitat, remember this. Adrasan Beach is about half an hour drive from Olympos. Underwater visibility in the sea of ​​Adrasan goes up to 20 meters.

You can easily reach the Maden Bay camping area by walking from Olympos. Half an hour from the city center, this beach is an excellent choice for exploring and diving in caves. You can enter some caves about 50 meters and swim in natural cave pools.

Geyikbayırı offers many outdoor activities with a cool and clean air. Geyikbayırı, Turkey’s largest rock climbing area, rock climbing therefore comes ahead of events. If you want to improve yourself or if you are already a professional mountaineer, Geyikbayırı is the most suitable place for your campsite preference.

If you want to have both sea, sun and history where you are on holiday, you are in the right place. Phaselis is an ancient Lycian city and its history dates back to BC. It dates back to the 7th century. At the same time, it has a very cool atmosphere as its surroundings are covered with pine trees.



We have gathered free campgrounds in Muğla, which is one of the most popular holiday cities with its coves, hotels, beach clubs. Camping areas in Fethiye, Bodrum and Marmaris.

We start the campgrounds in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz Beach and Nature (Doğa) camping areas. Nature camping area is 15 minutes walking distance to the beach and offers bungalows and tree houses not only for tent camp but also for those who do not want to stay in the tent. There is no electricity in the beach camping area and fire / barbecue is strictly prohibited. | Faralya is a very popular place with its big waterfall and beach. In order to go to the forest just above the Butterfly Valley, you have to go a little further from Butterfly Valley and go over the hill. There is no place in the Butterfly Valley where you can meet your needs such as toilet, shower, electricity market, because a certain amount is charged for the camp fee and Faralya is free. | Since Kabak Bay is an area built on the hills, it is not preferred much, therefore it is a place that can preserve its naturalness. It is the address of a camping area where you can get peace of mind where beach yoga and camping areas are offered free of charge. | Darbogaz Cove is for you if you love being in touch with nature and looking for some excitement. Since beekeeping is also popular in this region where wild animals such as foxes and pigs are frequently encountered, you may also have a lot of bee visitors. You have to keep it with you as you are unlikely to find a business near the sheep where you can meet your needs.

Cennet Koyu, which is about 30 km from Bodrum and 5 km from Türkbükü, is the most beautiful and most popular camping area of ​​Bodrum. Since there is no business in the region, we recommend that you take your needs with you. Since the sea is stony, it is recommended to go to Cennet Bay, which is recommended to enter with sea shoes, before the season opens and generally on weekdays, because it can get very crowded on weekends.

Kargı Bay, 2-3 km from the center of Datça, is an idyllic bay where you can enjoy the sun and sea. There are businesses nearby that can meet your many needs.



Balıkesir, the heart of the North Aegean, is one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Marmara Region. In Balıkesir, where free camping areas are intense, some needs may be paid in these camping areas. Popular camping areas are Kapıdağ camping area, Hızır camping area, Cunda Island – Ortunç Bay, Çaylak Waterfall – Susurluk and Küçükova camping areas.

Kapıdağ camping area is by the sea and meets the need for enlightenment. There are coin vending machines for your needs such as washbasin and shower, and there is a business nearby for your other needs. This area, where you can make an ideal camping holiday, will please you very much. | The Hızır campground is located at the foot of the Kirislik Valley and offers a free / paid camping option. There is no limit to the number of camps as it has a large area. It is very close to the Zeytinli Stream where you can swim and it is a camping area where people who want to take a walk on Kaz Mountain can be found frequently. As there is no facility near the camping area without toilet and shower facilities, we recommend that you take your basic needs with you. | Cunda Island – Ortunc Bay is one of the most beautiful places to camp. In Ortunç Bay, where there are paid / free camping areas, there are no trees around free camping areas, you can make your tent option accordingly. Since it is forbidden to light a fire, it is impossible to have a camp fire and barbecue. There is no business where you can meet your needs. | Çaylak Waterfall – Susurluk is not only a camping but also has a picnic area and security, so you can consider getting a padlock to your tent to ensure your tent security. It is a place where you can enjoy the waterfall by camping for a few days. Since there is a toilet near the picnic area, you will not have toilets. | Küçükova camping area is a relaxing environment where you can rest your head as it is located within the İlhan Village of Erdek district, which is far from the center. You can meet your basic needs from the village.


Çanakkale is one of the cities that come to mind when it comes to camping. It has more free camping areas compared to Muğla, especially Bodrum. Free camping areas in Çanakkale where history, cool weather, greenery and blue are combined: Assos, Atikhisar Dam, Kömür Limanı (Coal Harbor), Bakacak Dam, Marmaros Beach (Gökçeada), Çamlıca Waterfall (Ezine), Poseidon (Ezine) and Batık Gemi (Sunken Ship) (Bozcaada).

Bakacak Dam, which is frequented by locals of Çanakkale, is a very high camping site due to its proximity to the city center. Although there is no shower facility, it is very easy to meet your other basic needs due to its proximity to the city center. | Another popular camping ground is the Atikhisar Dam. About twenty min. To the city center. It is likely to be density due to its distance. Unlike its proximity to the city, we recommend that you take it with you to meet your basic needs and go with caution. | Assos, where history and sea blue meet, is a very good camping area that you can visit while camping. Due to its popularity, there are many clubs, hotels, etc. around it. There. Therefore, there are possibilities to meet your needs such as shower. | For those who want to realize the dream of falling on a deserted island, we recommend the Kömür Limanı (Coal Harbor) camping area in Saros Bay of Çanakkale. It is good to take it with you as the phone does not draw too much and there are no opportunities to meet your basic needs in this free camping area where there is no light around.

20 minutes to Çamlıca village of Ezine district. Çamlıca Waterfall, which is within walking distance, is a very good option for camping. Thanks to its proximity to the village, you are very likely to provide your basic needs from the village. | Camping in this seafront and wide area in the Poseidon camping area in Dalyan, another village of Ezine district, is very enjoyable in every season. As Çamlıca Waterfall, Poseidon camping area is very close to the village, so you are very likely to meet your needs from the village.

If you want to enjoy the sea, sand, sun trio, the right address for you is Marmaros Beach, the camping area where the sunset is the most beautiful. There is no place where you can meet your basic needs because there is no business near this camping area where you can enjoy Gökçeada. | For those who do not like the summer or want to escape, our recommendation is the Batık Gemi camping area. Since this area, which is part of the borders of Balıkesir province, receives rain in four seasons, it is useful to take the clothes you may need, such as a raincoat and boots. Since there is no business where you can meet your basic needs, you need to meet it yourself.



Izmir, which is a favorite holiday destination, is famous not only with Alaçatı, but also with beautiful camping areas. We have compiled the most beautiful camping areas of İzmir, which have free camping areas in many different districts. Hittite Relief, Çanak Bay, Delikli Bay, Sazlıca Beach, Kestel Dam and Su Uçuran (Türkmen) Waterfalls are among the free camping areas in İzmir.

The Hittite Relief camping area, where the oldest historical ruin of the Aegean Region is located, is a frequented place for nature lovers. We recommend that you take it with you as there is no business to meet your needs. The camp area is in Kemalpaşa. | 

The Sazlıca Beach, located between Eski and Yeni Foça, provides opportunities for tent-caravan campers for the camping area. There are many businesses around. |Çanak Bay, which is a favorite place due to its proximity to the center of Foça and ease of transportation, is very suitable for camping, but it is very likely to be crowded due to the mentioned reasons. You can meet your basic needs from the surrounding businesses.

Delikli Koy, which has recently become the favorite place of Çeşme, decorating our Instagram pages, will be a very good choice for camping. You will have to take care of the crowd as it is extremely popular. You may need to meet your needs yourself, as there are no businesses nearby.

The Kestel Dam camping area built on the Kestel Stream near Bergama is a camping area that will not be satisfied with its view. Since it is a somewhat deserted place, there are no facilities to meet your basic needs.

Su Uçuran (also known as Turkmen) Waterfalls located in Aliağa, close to the center of Manisa, is a very nice camping area where you can go to find peace by escaping stress and city life. There are no businesses near the camp site, although you have to meet your needs, there are many flies, depending on the season.

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