Blue Dreams: Food Places for Boat Trips


After your boat trip route with #bluedreams, your food route is here too! You cannot fully enjoy the boat tour without eating in the most beautiful and most famous restaurants of Fethiye, Bodrum and Ayvalık. Here are some of our famous dining recommendations.


1- Sezai’nin Yeri (Sezai’s Place)


You will eat the most beautiful buttered shrimp you can eat in Sezai’s Place. It is slightly above average in price, but it is definitely the most famous fisherman in Fethiye and definitely worth it for its taste. For location click here!

Adress: Babataşı, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla                      Phone: +90 252 612 78 87

2- Köfteci İmadettin


In Kofteci İmadettin, the most famous meatball restaurant in Fethiye, you should definitely eat meatballs between bread. Location here!

Adress: Cumhuriyet, 48303 Fethiye/Muğla

3- Yengeç Restaurant


A nice seafront restaurant with vegan options. Its’ seafood is very delicious.

Location is here!

Adress: 2. Karagözler Mahallesi, Fevzi Çakmak Cad. No: 42, Fethiye Türkiye

Phone: +90 252 612 83 83


1- Soğan Sarımsak Kafe


Bodrum is a pretty shabby cafe on the coast in Gümüşlük. It is especially famous for its olive oils. It is very tasty but a little expensive but it is definitely a place to eat. You can find the location here!

Adress: Defne Sokak Sahil, Gümüslük 48960 Türkiye         Phone: +90 252 394 30 87

2- Reis Balık Restaurant


We recommend you to have a meal at Reis Balık Restaurant, one of the most famous fish restaurants of Bodrum, located by the sea in Yalıkavak. The location is here!

Adress: Yalıkavak Mahallesi, Çarşı Caddesi No: 42/E, Yalıkavak 48990 Türkiye

Phone: +90 252 385 51 51

3- Trata Meyhanesi


Bodrum Meyhane Street in the center of Bodrum comes to mind when it comes to meyhane. While every pub in Meyhane Street is beautiful than the other, the best known is Trate Meyhane

Adress: Çarşı, 5. Sk., 48400 Bodrum/Muğla                 Phone: +90 536 831 65 72


1- Ayna Restaurant


It is a place where you should definitely not stop by while visiting the cobbled streets on Cunda Island. Do not forget to make a reservation before going to the Ayna, which includes Mediterranean and Cretan cuisine. For the location click here!

Adress: Namık Kemal, Çarşı Cd., 10405 Ayvalık/Balıkesir

Phone: +90 266 327 27 25

2- Günay Restaurant


Do not go without trying new tastes in this restaurant, which is famous for its delicious appetizers, especially the sea urchin appetizer.

The location is here!

Adress: Mithatpaşa Mahallesi, Sahil Boyu Cad. Günay Motel No:4, 10405 Ayvalık/Balıkesir

Phone: +90 266 327 10 48

3- Tik Mustafa’nın Yeri


It is a very famous tavern in Ayvalık Tenekeciler Street. Tenekeciler Street is a famous street that you should definitely see.

The location is here!

Adress: Fevzipaşa Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. Sok 1 Ara 1 No:6, 10400 Ayvalık/Balıkesir

Phone: +90 266 312 38 30

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  1. It took me a while poking around all the icons and symbols on the app to actually create my first trip, but once I got the hang of it, I found it was exactly what I hoped for. I wanted a mapping program which clearly showed distances and drive times. It is easy to edit ( and once I read other reviews, I found how to move stops to other positions in the lineup – it just takes a firm press. Then shift it to the proper place). The tool where you can find local attractions, restaurants, hotels and campgrounds is WONDERFUL ! Again, that was tricky to figure out, (go to the map view, zoom in to the stop you are researching, then tap in the search bar on the top of the screen. A window will pop up where you can choose which category of attraction you are searching for. “X” what you want, go back to the map and you’ll be able to scroll thru the choices close to your stop. We haven’t taken our trip yet so I haven’t tried the navigation feature, but I figure I have several other online options on that tool once we hit the road. So far so good! Thank you Roadtrippers!

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