5 Most Romantic Locations in Istanbul for Valentines Day

We have compiled 5 romantic locations in İstanbul as suggestions for you to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover or friends. 5 most romantic place suggestions for TripRouter team’s valentine’s day! If you want to make a daily plan, you can visit our site and plan your private tour.


Buyukada in winter

Winter in Buyukada is at least as beautiful as summer! You can also avoid the crowd created by the beautiful weather by visiting Buyukada on Valentine’s Day. The calm and peaceful state of the island streets will create the necessary environment for a romantic Valentine’s Day trip. Also, having a quiet time on the island is an advantage to avoid high prices! You can easily reach the island by ferry from Kabataş and Kadıköy, even from Avcılar and Bostancı, and have a simit and cheese duo for breakfast. If you want to eat a nice fish at the island in the evening, you can enter one of the taverns lined up by the beach. Whichever one you enter, the cozy fireplaces found in many restaurants will remind you that it is a good choice to come to the island in winter. Fireplace is an excuse, this is a cozy place where we can call the staff amazing. They also roast potatoes and chestnuts in the fireplace. So beautiful music is playing that you won’t want to leave this table for 2 days.


Galata Tower

Have you heard about the legend about the Galata Tower? According to a legend dating back to the Roman period, it was believed that couples who really loved each other when they first went to the Galata Tower together, they would definitely get married. Since then, the Galata Tower has become a temple symbolizing love. We guess the queue might be a little long on Valentine’s Day, but we are sure that you will have an unforgettable day. Time passes quickly with your beloved, even if at the long queue! If you want to plan your day in Galata, you can visit our planning page from our link.


A project that Orhan Pamuk plans to establish before starting to write his novel which is actually the Museum of Innocence … The museum is based on the bittersweet love stories of Füsun and Kemal, one of the main characters of the novel. This place, where the classical museum concept has been destroyed, has flavors both from life and from us. We classify the location as one of the best alternatives for Valentine’s Day. Apart from the ticket, there is also a different entrance option to the museum. Those who come with the book can enter the museum for free. You enter the museum with your entrance ticket on the 537th page of your book (it is available in many languages!) and you realize that you leave yourself in the arms of a magical atmosphere. You can also consider giving this book as a Valentine’s day gift!


Most Famous Amusement Park in İstanbul

Bostancı Amusement Park, which hosts the scenes where two lovers of which we are familiar from many TV series, who have fun in the amusement park! We recommend this place if you want to experience and have fun as TV series lovers on Valentine’s Day. This park, which is located right next to Bostancı Show Center, has been serving Istanbul residents for more than 30 years. This is a place that never gets old. It is constantly being renewed and constantly becoming more interesting and indispensable. In the park, which contains many toys for all ages, you can have a pleasant time with carousel, chain, plane, bumper car, octopus, horror tunnel, star fire, gondola and children’s train. It is also a great advantage that it is easy to reach from every point of Istanbul! After the fun, you can taste different flavors in Bostancı.


Maiden’s Tower

It is a known fact that the Maiden’s Tower is the subject of legends like Galata Tower. According to one of these stories, one of the Seljuk Sultans dreams that his beloved daughter will die because of a snake bite. The sultan, who takes the occasion, places his daughter in the tower. He doesn’t let anyone in and out of the tower, including himself. Even water and milk are poured into the islet with special pipes. Then years later, the sultan got sick. Young girl barely cured by the best-known physician ever. On top of that, gifts are sent to the sultan from many different places, among them there is a basket of grapes. The snake, hidden in the grape basket, poisoned the princess that night, causing her death. This magical place, which hosts many such stories, offers quality service to its visitors with its special restaurant. An ideal place for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Ferry trips in the round will add more pleasure to your day. But it is useful to check the opening, closing and ferry times daily.


According to another legend, Galata Tower and Maiden Tower are two towers who are in love with each other but are unsure of the love of the other. They knew that they would never meet due to the Bosphorus between them. But knowing this has neither finished their love nor decreased their longing. Galata Tower was filled with hope when Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi told him that he wanted to go to Galata Tower and fly from the European side to the Anatolian side one day. For this reason, he gave Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi to send all the letters he wrote with love to the Maiden Tower. Ahmet Çelebi put the letters into his wing and started to fly from the walls of the Galata Tower towards the bluest Istanbul sky. When he hovered over the Maiden’s Tower during his flight, he left the letters on the tower. The Maiden’s Tower, which saw that her love was unrequited, became more beautiful after the letters. Galata Tower realized that its love is not one-sided looking to this beauty. Thanks to their love for each other, they have come to this day, resisting every condition for centuries. For Turkish click here.

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