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Imagine an emerald necklace with a snow-white edging, lost in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This is how the Maldives look from above. Thousands of people fly to the best beaches of the Maldives every year to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxed bliss and find peace of mind. As long as your brain is able to process information, get to know the most famous islands and beaches.

The Maldives have a special feature – often a whole Maldives island is one hotel. Many of them can be bypassed in half an hour. Some islands have a choice. In the article you will find information about nearby hotels under the description of each beach.

Amilla fushi

“Amilla Fushi” is translated as “my island home.” It is a private island for wealthy tourists in Baa Atoll. Imagine a white sand beach that resembles sifted flour. The entrance to the water is convenient and gentle. After a few meters, corals appear, but this is a common occurrence in the Maldives.

From the shore, along a wooden bridge, you enter a 240 m villa with luxurious furnishings and magnificent ocean views. You are served by a personal butler, ready to fulfill any guest’s wishes. Sea inhabitants swim right below you, and at night the water surface is illuminated by glowing plankton.

Local activities – house reef snorkeling, spa treatments, endless walks under the spreading palm trees. And in the evening – quiet music, solitude, sex away from prying eyes.

Reethi Beach Resort

The Reethi Beach Biosphere Reserve is part of the Baa Atoll and is protected by UNESCO. This unusual Maldives beach is chosen by supporters of a healthy environment. The bungalows are topped with palm leaf roofs. Wicker chairs are scattered along the shore in the shade of trees. Fishing is prohibited in order not to disturb the biological balance of the coral reef.

The most beautiful beaches are on the west side. The tranquil turquoise lagoon is ideal for swimming and snorkeling just offshore. At the far end of the island, in the middle of the water villas, a sandy bar with sun loungers, umbrellas and even a bar in a hut stretches far out to sea.

Family European couples and diving enthusiasts rest here.

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Angsana ihuru

The journey from the capital island of Male to the beaches of Angsana Ihuru will take no more than 10 minutes by speedboat. The landscape is classic – the shore, as if sprinkled with powdered sugar, sun loungers under the palm trees and the endless surface of the ocean. You will find similar pictures on every island.

A local attraction is the depth and house reef of striking beauty. More than 140 species of marine inhabitants live here. 100 meters from the reef at the bottom of the ocean rests a sunken ship, which divers from all over the world never tire of exploring.

Guests are offered a gourmet menu in the restaurant, invited to the spa for a therapy session. For those wishing to diversify their vacation, a free transfer to the neighboring island is organized.

Kanuhura maldives

Kanuhara is a luxury resort on the remote island of Lhaviyani Atoll. Ideal for families. The huge lagoon can easily accommodate all guests.

There are no breakwaters here, and nothing prevents you from admiring the ocean. The landscape is shaped by nature itself. The widest beaches are in the western part of the island.

Children splash along the shore on the soft clean sand, adults go sailing and windsurfing. There are safe areas for water skiing, jet skis and catamarans.

Not far away is an uninhabited island belonging to a local hotel. You can take a boat here for free and dine all alone, feeling like a modern Robinson.

And you won’t be bored on the shore. While parents are taking beauty treatments, doing fitness or relaxing in a restaurant, the younger generation has fun in the kids club under the supervision of educators.

Kandolhu island

The small resort island seemed to have left an advertising picture. The feeling of a fairy tale arises during a 25-minute seaplane flight. Tall palms, clear water and a luxurious white beach await you on earth; it is no coincidence that the newlyweds fell in love with the Maldives. The main focus of the resort is relaxation and seclusion. The staff is extremely helpful and invisible. Upscale villas feature private pools, private beaches, and even open-air bathrooms.

You can get around the small island in 15 minutes. The home reef with rich marine fauna will appeal to diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. You can go on an excursion and sit in one of the restaurants in the evening.


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The local Toddoo Island is large by local standards – 2×1 km. The territory is occupied by village settlements, farm fields and resort hotels. You can only dream of privacy here, but for a comfortable stay there is everything you need – well-groomed white beaches, colorful house reefs, hammocks and sun loungers under heliotropes right on the shore. Budget tourists will be delighted with the prices in village shops and inexpensive cafes. Entertainment – snorkeling, fishing, picnic on a nearby uninhabited island.

In the western part of the island, there is a huge 2 km long beach. Of these, tourists are allocated 250 meters. This is the coveted bikini beach, where you can safely expose yourself and are not afraid to hurt your legs. The shore and the bottom are carefully cleaned.

Guest houses are removed from the beach. You will have to make your way to the bathing place along the path along the fruit plantations. But you will see how papaya, mango, watermelon grow.

A new beach has recently appeared near the marina, with a swing set right in the ocean as its trademark. The place is beautiful and romantic. True, the current is strong here, and there are many large stones in the water.


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Fulidhoo’s toy island, where you don’t even need bicycles, has no more than 250 inhabitants. The same number of people come here to work. However, the fishing village has a mosque, school, pharmacy, shops and inexpensive cafes. The island even has its own fresh water reserves.

Every morning from the central beach, fishermen set out to the sea, and in the evening hundreds of crabs crawl out to the shore. You can’t undress here, but the locals will organize you an excellent fishing trip with a delicious ending. The caught catch will be prepared for free at a nearby restaurant.

For swimming, tourists are allocated remote places in the western and eastern parts of the island. The sand is impeccably clean, the water is warm and clear. Trees lead directly to the beach with sun loungers in the shade.


If you want to see a glowing beach in the Maldives, head to Vaadhoo Island.

In the morning and afternoon hours, the coastline is little different from the rest of the Maldives resorts. The same palm trees, white sand, azure ocean. Everything changes with the onset of darkness. Twinkling blue lights appear on the surface of the water, they become more and more, and now a fabulous glow covers the entire ocean and merges with the starry sky. A special type of phytoplankton became the reason for this amazing natural phenomenon.

The landscape is mesmerizing, and tempts to plunge into the shimmering ocean. But swimming is not so simple. Luminous microorganisms are said to release toxic substances. Therefore, it is better to observe their glow from the shore. You can afford to spray your feet with water and leave glowing footprints on the sand.

The entrance to the beaches is free.

Reethi Rah

The artificial island of Riti Ra has a very long coastline itself. The entire coastline is occupied by beaches with perfectly white sand and smooth entry into the water. There are no house reefs, so the bottom is especially clean, without coral debris and pitfalls. Passive bathers are happy, but snorkelers have nothing to do here. There are no corals or fish in the water, only a flat sandy bottom.

What to do besides the beach? The island has an art and pottery studio, a tennis court, volleyball and badminton courts, and a children’s club. If desired, tourists are taken to the nearest reefs, where you can dive and fish.

The requirements of ecologists are strictly observed on the island. All materials are natural and the restaurants serve local fruits and seafood.


The Veligandu resort island operates under the motto “no shoes, no news”. Guests are completely disconnected from the outside world and immersed in the life of a carefree islander. It is customary to walk barefoot even to the best hotels and restaurants.

The eye is delighted with bright colors – the lush greenery of palm thickets, the thick blue of the ocean and white, like snow, sand. There are parasols and sun loungers along the coast.

The diving center organizes day and night trips to the colorful local reef, where tourists explore the underwater depths and observe the life of marine life. Diving with whale sharks is popular.

In the evening, live music sounds in the bars, dance shows are held. The resort is intended for adult tourists only.


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The island of Dhigura is home to a fishing village, an equatorial forest and resort hotels. Luxurious beaches stretch on both sides of the island. At one end, you watch the sunrise, and at the other, you watch the sunset. Nearby there is a sandbank where you can have a picnic or a romantic dinner.

The island has its own diving center, where they conduct training, issue certificates, and organize underwater tours. Local reefs amaze with the diversity of the underwater world. Here you can swim with whale sharks (safe for humans), see giant rays, sea turtles. The coastal waters are inhabited by parrot fish, needle fish, clown fish, napoleon fish (up to 2 meters long).

Some vacationers are interested in: are there nudist beaches in the Maldives for uninhibited tourists? Please note that in a Muslim country, nudism and topless are prohibited. You should not try the patience of the owners. They will shyly turn away, but they can also call the police. For those who prefer to sunbathe and swim naked, it is better to go to an uninhabited island or choose resorts for recreation, similar to the Maldives.