Austria opens to tourists from 34 countries

Since May 19, Austria has allowed 34 countries to enter for tourism, subject to the provision of a certificate with information about the vaccine, test or recovery. But there is one caveat – there is no Ukraine among the countries that are allowed to enter.

From May 19, citizens of countries where the spread of coronavirus is minimal are allowed to enter Austria for any purpose, including tourism. To cross the border, you must have a “green certificate” (“green passport”) or a certificate of vaccination, or a test certificate, or a certificate of recovery. If the traveler does not have such a certificate, he can still enter the country and do a PCR test there during the day.

In order to confirm vaccination, you need to provide a document in German or English. At the same time, it can be a vaccine that is approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or has received permission from the WHO for emergency use. The certificate that confirms the presence of neutralizing antibodies must be no older than three months.

As for the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter, first of all, these are the countries of the European Union, but also some “third countries”, such as Australia, South Korea, Switzerland. Separately, five EU countries with a high level of COVID-19 prevalence were identified: Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus. If a person has only a PCR test, then he must be sent to quarantine, from which it will be possible to exit five days after a new negative test result. Severe entry restrictions, including mandatory quarantine, apply to those arriving from India, Brazil and South Africa – countries where coronavirus mutations have been recorded.

Entry into Austria from countries other than those listed is prohibited, with the exception of certain work and educational purposes. This also applies to Ukraine.

The new rules will be in effect from May 19 to June 20. On July 3, further relaxation of the rules of travel to the country is possible.

The partial reopening of Austria happened because the lockdown in the country was canceled from May 19.

According to UKRINFORM.

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