Are you a tourist or a traveler?

Is there life outside of package tours

It is so important for everyone who decided to discover this wonderful and multifaceted world through travel to take the first step on their own. Why don’t you let the trip come true of your own dreams, rather than a step-by-step meticulous plan from a standard travel agency package?


Tearing off labels

The fashion for standards has long outlived its usefulness. In today’s progressive time, being free from conventions and attachments is much more honorable, and most importantly, much more interesting. So why are we still looking for travel brochures when planning our next trip?

Think for yourself, barely entrusting the fate of your trip to the care of a caring travel agent, we immediately depersonalize both the trip itself and ourselves at the same time. And most importantly, we shift the fulfillment of our own dreams onto the shoulders of a complete stranger.

After a while, we have in our hands tickets and the necessary documents, magically (and, by the way, with a not too “divine” markup) obtained “specially for us.” Then we find ourselves in a system that does not really have the opportunity for any impromptu – and it is they who make the journey, and indeed life itself, rich and unforgettable.

girl near the sea
Alexey Poprotskiy

I am a traveler

It would seem that this is bad – saving ourselves from having to deal with bureaucratic burdens, choosing flights and hotels, booking tickets and other nonsense, we seem to shorten our path to adventure.

But what if all this is not a road to adventure, but their beginning? After all, one way or another, the agency acts primarily within its own sphere of contacts and interests, and not ours and you, which would not be so beautifully described in the booklet.

If you’ve never tried to become an independent traveler before, we recommend starting small.

tourist at the airport
Jaromír Chalabala

Here are some small nudges for taking the first step along the way:

1. Become the host of your journey

Departure and arrival time, check-in time at the hotel – now all this is controlled, changed, varied only by you. As well as a list of the places you want and the time you want to stay there.

Want to go on a sightseeing tour at night? Together? On bicycles? Forward! Want to ignore the Eiffel Tower by being in Paris? Nobody will judge you.

Have you decided to suddenly deviate from the planned route to admire the sunset from this beautiful hill or taste milk at a goat farm (which is not even in any guidebook)? Do not deny yourself.

The whole world is literally at your disposal, and with it your own time, which now does not need to be counted in order to get on the bus on time, and then get on time for dinner or on another “extremely original” excursion.

2. Real savings

Yes, yes, sometimes it may seem that agencies with the necessary resources offer the most profitable options for travel and accommodation. In fact, there are many important discoveries that can be made that will significantly reduce your travel budget.

For example, no agency will tell you about a new generation of hitchhiking, a popular worldwide resource BlaBlaCar, which unites travelers with their fellow travelers in their car and helps both of them to significantly save on the road.

Or about the Couchsurfing movement, with the help of which a traveler can find accommodation for himself for a nominal fee (or even free of charge) anywhere in the world.

And they certainly won’t tell you about the tripmydream resource, which replaces even the most experienced and resourceful travel agent and finds itself the best flight and accommodation deals for your budget.

3. See the world for the real

The existence of a tourist within an excursion program and a package tour always limits his opportunity to get to know the country and its inhabitants, to penetrate into its heart.

The main tourist attractions are the tip of the iceberg, on which, apart from the same scurrying tourists with cameras, there is basically no life.

How many of us are those who, having lived in our hometown all our lives, did not see its main guest “charms” at all, or saw them many years later? The city becomes beloved not for the most famous places, but for the warmest, cozy, memorable ones.

Armed with a map and phrasebook, you can find “your” place, wherever you are. Also, your guide will hardly tell you how pleasant and even fun it is sometimes to get lost for several hours in an unfamiliar but such an amazing place.

little traveler
Tatyana Tomsickova

Of course, the decision is always yours alone (isn’t that the beauty?). Sometimes the so-called “package” tourism is an excellent solution, for example, for families with small children. Or for those for whom these most trivial sights already seem to be the main destinations – why not?

For the rest, we recommend that you rip off the tourist label and try yourself in a new role – a brave free traveler, conqueror of low-cost flights and early booking, lord of the hiking map and “Hindi for Dummies” and, of course, a person living his dream.

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