Another UAE city opens up for travelers

The UAE capital Abu Dhabi opens its borders in early January. Now the authorities are approving the list of “green” countries.

As it became known, from December 24, ground trips Abu Dhabi – Dubai will be resumed. Next, flights will open between the UAE and the countries of the “green” list. The list of countries will be updated every few weeks depending on the pandemic situation in the world. Information will be promptly disseminated to hotels. Representatives of countries not from the “green” list will have to go through a mandatory two-week quarantine.

For tourists from the “green” zones, to enter Abu Dhabi, a PCR test is required, done no later than 96 hours before arrival, and retesting upon arrival at the UAE airport.

These updates are related to the fact that the UAE has registered a Chinese vaccine against coronavirus, which is 86% effective. The authorities are confident that vaccination will fully open the borders and restore all activities in the country.

This is reported by Bloomberg.

Recall that the Egyptian authorities have updated the rules for entering the country.

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