Airplane sex: myth or reality

Films and TV shows have romanticized the passion on board as much as possible, so it’s no surprise that airplane sex is one of the most popular fantasies of men and women.

The very idea of ​​making love where there is no place for solitude and where there is a huge risk of being caught, insanely arouses those who are tired of sex on ironed sheets.

But is it realistic to make an intimate dream come true in the sky? Everyone who has ever been in the toilet on board will agree: this is a puzzle with an asterisk or even two. Together with Dolphi, we figured out whether this is real and are ready to share our findings.

“I visited 102 countries, 50 of them with my girlfriend, and, of course, we repeatedly joked about sex on an airplane, they say, we should still try. But heck, how can this be done in a toilet? My height is 199 cm and I can hardly fit there myself! ”, – the experienced traveler Artem told us.

And the Ukrainian stewardess with eight years of experience is sure that only acrobats who won gold at the European Games can take someone in the restroom on board. The woman claims that she never caught anyone hot.

But at the same time, on foreign sites, at least a couple of times a year, articles appear about Jessica and Robert, who did it on the plane, and their videos collected millions of views on YouTube. Now let’s think about Julia and Peter or Nastya and Sasha, who did the same, but did not get burned. They all ended up in the famous Mile High Club.

An important point!

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Mile high club

You probably know about this notorious organization. The Mile High Club is a legendary club (which doesn’t exist in reality), whose members are people who have sex at an altitude of more than one mile (1.6 km).

The founder and its first member was American pilot Lawrence Sperry. In 1916, the aviator could not resist the charm of his companion and completely forgot about the controls. As a result, the plane fell into the water, but, fortunately, no one was injured, since it was a seaplane capable of taking off and landing on the water surface. They say that it was the desire to do in the sky, what the soul and body desire, that pushed the famous pilot to invent the autopilot.

Lawrence got the sharpest pleasure from aviasex and shared his impressions with his fellow pilots. They wanted to try it too to see if Sperry was embellishing. And so, in fact, the famous closed club was formed.


What if you really want to become a member of the Mile High Club, but there is no other half yet? Find a companion for heavenly sex will help the Wingman app – the same as Tinder, but for high heights. It’s easy to figure it out: you need to create a profile, upload a photo, indicate your name, occupation, flight number and air carrier. You also need to choose the purpose of the flight, to clarify, fly on a trip or on a business trip.

The application will show which of the registered users travels on the same flight and is ready to chat during the flight or do something even more exciting.

Solitude and punishment

“Look, we have two retired in the toilet. Let’s congratulate them when they leave, ”the senior flight attendant addressed the passengers in the seats. When the couple left the toilet, the crew applauded loudly as they opened the champagne. “On behalf of the entire team, we would like to congratulate you on joining Mile High Club! ” – tatted by employees of the airline passionate travelers.

A former flight attendant told the Daily Mail about this case. According to her, the girl who came out of the restroom looked embarrassed, and her companion was afraid that they would be reprimanded for having sex on the plane. These heroes of the flight were not punished, but this does not always end with a happy ending.

What is an adventure for a couple is highly likely to be regarded as hooliganism or a violation of civil order. For this, a solid fine shines, and in some countries correctional labor and even imprisonment for up to 3 months. Having sex in front of children under 16 can also be considered a criminal offense. How do the police know about the passion on the plane? The flight attendant has every right to inform the dispatcher of the arrival airport about the situation. And then, upon arrival, the travelers will face police and tedious proceedings. Each airline, by the way, punishes in its own way.

Air carriers of Muslim countries, for example, Fly Dubai or Qatar Airways, do not forgive such tricks on passengers. If caught, they will be imprisoned for up to 3 months.

Those caught having sex in a British Airways or Finnair toilet face a fine or correctional labor (usually 100 hours). Passengers who were also drunk or under drugs are imprisoned for up to 3 months.

Other cons of having sex on an airplane

  • Of course, there is a lot of bacteria in the toilet on the plane. You can, of course, try to call Mr. Propper, but we are not sure that he is not afraid of heights.
  • Turbulence has not been canceled, so there is a risk not only to hit, but also to be scared half to death at the most piquant moment.
  • A stewardess can witness a passionate meeting. If no one leaves the toilet for 15 minutes, the flight attendant has every right to open the door from the outside.

How not to get caught?

The tripmydream team has 18 people who flew more often than poplar fluff in July before quarantine, and all of them claim that they are not on the plane. But at the same time, Andrey and Zhenya have acquaintances who tried and did not get caught. Do you know what unites those people? Not only the spirit of adventurism and amazing flexibility, but also an excellent financial position. They managed to realize their sexual fantasies in the restroom aboard the business class.

Thrillist research suggests that international night flights, short day flights and short night flights are the most suitable for sex on board. And that’s why.

International night flights

Airbus A340 or Boeing 747, which often run on these routes, have toilets not only in the front and in the tail, but also near the wings.

If you reserve seats closer to the restrooms located in the center of the plane, you may be able to slip there unnoticed. Passengers will start getting ready for bed, and flight attendants will go less often, less often and less often. And then, as they say, the board falls asleep – a couple wakes up.


Short day trips (e.g. between European countries)

This option is more complicated. To get to the restroom together on such a flight, you need to have acting skills no worse than that of DiCaprio.

So, lovers are advised to be as right as possibleto portray a quarrel (someone offended will close in the toilet, and the second will come in to beg forgiveness, for example). He can also ride an option when one gets sick, and the other goes to the restroom to help.

Short night flights

On a plane that takes off at night and lands the next morning, it’s also possible to have sex. If the salon is not very full and three seatsNaya line is free, you can make an impromptu bed, lie down with the other half and cover yourself with a travel blanket. Whether caught or not depends on the dexterity of the couple. It’s no secret that the sleep of passengers on board is far from being as strong as in bed, 5 minutes before the alarm clock.

What you need for sex at height

Having sex on board is a challenging but feasible task. We, of course, are not agitating to make love on the plane, but just in case, we will leave here the advice of heavenly lovers, those from the business class.

  • App for dating in the sky is, of course, ok, but with an unfamiliar person, getting involved in such a scam is three times more risky. Another thing is a dear to heart, time-tested partner who understands from a half-word and half-glance.
  • Don’t forget to take Dolphi condoms with you when you travel.
  • Don’t forget to prepare. Start wooing each other while still in the chairs. Sitting without pants is hardly a good idea. Excite verbally or by touch.
  • Choose clothes for the flight that can be quickly removed and put on.
  • Accept in advance that this will not be the best sex in your life, but you will definitely remember it.