Abu Dhabi changes entry rules for foreigners

Abu Dhabi authorities are planning to end the mandatory quarantine for all foreign tourists from July 1. At the moment, travelers from “red” countries must undergo a 10-day quarantine.

“Our system will become similar to the Dubai system: the requirements for PCR tests will differ depending on the country from which tourists come. Quarantine will not be a mandatory option “– said the executive director of tourism and marketing DCT Abu Dhabi.

Only foreigners from green countries, including Russia, Australia, Singapore and others, can move around Abu Dhabi without quarantine. But even for them, a PCR test is required, done before the trip and upon arrival in Abu Dhabi (on the first, fourth and eighth days of stay).

According to 34travel.

We also remind that Cyprus changed the rules of entry again: now vaccinated tourists will not need to take a PCR test to enter the country.

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