9 new flights from UIA, Bees, Windrose and SkyUp to Europe

Four Ukrainian airlines at once received the rights from the State Aviation Service to operate flights to Greece, Croatia and Finland.

UIA got the right to two regular flights to Greece, SkyUp and Windrose received one regular route to Greece, and the airline Bees rights for one charter flight to Croatia and four charter directions to Finland.

UIA flights:

  • Kiev – Preveza – Kiev (from May 26 for an indefinite period)
  • Lviv – Rhodes – Lviv (from May 26 for an indefinite period)

Bees Airline flights:

  • Lviv – Zadar – Lviv (from June 1 to October 30)
  • Kiev – Kuopio – Kiev (from June 1 to October 30)
  • Kiev – Oulu – Kiev (from June 1 to October 30)
  • Kiev – Turku – Kiev (from June 1 to October 30)
  • Kiev – Tampere – Kiev (from June 1 to October 30)

SkyUp flights:

  • Odessa – Heraklion – Odessa (from June 14 to October 3)

Windrose flights:

  • Kiev – Corfu – Kiev (For undefined period)

It is worth noting that obtaining the rights to operate the air force does not mean that the airline will definitely fly in these directions.

We also recall that since May 19, Austria has allowed entry for tourist purposes to 34 countries, subject to the provision of a certificate with information about a vaccine, test or recovery. But there is one caveat – there is no Ukraine among the countries that are allowed to enter.

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