9 Myths About Travel Savings: How Not To Do It

Unfortunately, very often the stereotypical travel savings options have nothing to do with real benefits. So that you don’t ruin your trip in the pursuit of savings, we will tell you about the myths that mislead newbie travelers.

Fly with low-cost airlines – super-cheap

Tickets, of course, are from low-cost airlines and are cheaper, but let’s figure it out. For low-cost airlines, the ticket price does not include baggage, meals on board, or even carry-on luggage! And the overpayment for luggage can even exceed the cost of the ticket. Often, surcharges for all of these options are more expensive than the money saved on airfare. So think about whether the game is worth the candle?

The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it will be

Everyone knows that booking tickets at the last moment incurs an overpayment. But you shouldn’t do this in half a year to save money. This makes no sense, because the starting prices are set at the regular rate. We have already told you more about how to buy cheap air tickets in this article. The main thing to remember is that prices start to rise 2-3 weeks before departure. If you want to buy a ticket at a profit, look for it 60-180 days before departure – this is the best time. Our flight search will help you find the cheapest deals.

It is better to look for housing not in the center

If you like peace and quiet, then rent an apartment outside the city, but keep in mind that this is unlikely to help you save money. Travel to the city center is usually quite expensive and pays for the difference in living in the city and beyond. So the meaning of such a hermit is lost. You can always find an inexpensive offer of housing in the very heart of the city, where everything is within walking distance! In big cities, you can always find great hostels at very reasonable prices.

Hostel – the most profitable way to rent housing

Airbnb deals are often even cheaper than hostels. In addition, the apartments usually have their own kitchen and washing machine, which means you can save on food and luggage. Also couchsurfing very often comes to the rescue, which allows you to stay with local residents for free. Another useful tip: monitor rental sites for locals – it’s always cheaper than offers for foreigners.

Buy in Duty Free is cheaper

Duty Free is a great option to spend time before your flight. But as practice shows, only 10% of Duty Free goods are cheaper than on the Internet. The buyer is simply not charged a tax, but they also do not offer superb discounts or especially low prices, as is the case with online shopping. Therefore, Duty Free purchases do not provide significant benefits.

Currency must be changed in advance

The main thing that you need to remember is that changing the currency at the airport is only worthwhile in extreme cases. The exchange rate there is usually the most disadvantageous. We advise you to exchange a small amount before departure to get from the airport to the city. Another tip: use a bank card – it is profitable due to currency conversion at the interbank rate.


Tours are not worth the money

If we talk about “charter” destinations such as Egypt and Turkey, for example, it is definitely more profitable to fly there on a tour. Moreover, they include food, accommodation, transfer, and guide services.

All inclusive means you only pay once

You always need to find out what is included in such a tariff. Indeed, sometimes “all inclusive” does not even include the presence of Wi-Fi. Be sure to read the text in small print in the tour description.

You can trust online reviews

Reviews are often written on emotions, therefore they are far from always objective. Also, don’t forget that negative reviews can be the machinations of competitors who pay for negative reviews.

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