7 things you shouldn’t do in Lviv

So beloved by that Lviv! And you will love it even more if during the trip you will not step on the rake that thousands of tourists have run before you. To get the most out of your trip to Lviv, you don’t need to make the following mistakes.

Park in the center of Lviv on a weekend

There is a big problem with parking in the city center. And if you manage to attach your car somewhere, especially on weekends, you can immediately buy a lottery ticket. Good luck on this day is definitely on your side.

A little further from the center of the parking lot more unloaded. It is better to leave the car there and then move on foot.

Ride minibuses

A huge number of locals travel from the distant corners of Lviv, as well as from the surroundings to the city and back, by minibuses. There are usually so many people there that it is simply unrealistic to breathe. So if you can walk somewhere, go. Or take a tram. The situation is easier there.

Check in to an apartment with an ancient gas water heater

Old speakers in centuries-old homes are often unreliable. There are a lot of precedents when gas comes out, and a person does not even know about it. Well, and not every tourist from the bay will understand how everything works there and what to do about it. A dubious pleasure – on vacation, torment with the column and worry if something will happen in the middle of the night.

Do not climb the Town Hall

An unrealistically beautiful panorama of Lviv opens from the observation deck of the City Hall. Yes, it takes forever to climb 65 meters up a narrow steep staircase for her. But believe me, the magnificent view of the ancient city is worth it.

Walk around Lviv in heels (ladies, this is for you)

There are a lot of paving stones in the city, so comfortable shoes are just a must have. In your favorite sneakers around the beautiful city, you can safely wind kilometers on foot. And you really have to walk a lot (see points about minibuses and parking lots).

Do not visit museums

Many tourists in Lviv move from institution to institution, not including a single museum on the route. But in vain. The city has a huge number of thematic museums, where you can see rare exhibits, hear non-trivial facts and get vivid emotions. You will not regret it if you visit the Historical Museum, Arsenal, Toy Museum, Pharmacy Museum, Beer Museum and others.

Forget the umbrella

The humidity in Lviv is high and it often rains. We understand that you want to walk around the city light, enjoy its beauty and grandeur, but it is much more pleasant to do it in dry clothes. In general, even if the forecast is full of sun, just in case, throw an umbrella or raincoat into your backpack. Most likely useful.


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