7 things you shouldn’t do in Kiev

Kiev is beautiful, but like any other large city, it has its own deceit and pitfalls that you should know about so that nothing darkens your acquaintance with the capital. We have prepared for you a selection of tips on what you should definitely not do in Kiev and what its manifestations are best avoided.

Walk along Khreshchatyk on weekends

Khreshchatyk is the central artery of the city, but, at the same time, it is also the most crowded place with guests of the capital. On weekends, sometimes some kind of bacchanalia happens here – barkers of establishments, street musicians, tramps, onlookers, animators with pigeons, teenagers learning the taste of the first freedom are mixed into a crazy kaleidoscope – in such a company you will not get bored, but it quickly tires. Take a walk and better go down to Podol or move towards Vladimirskaya Gorka and the Alley of Artists.

Come to the Pinchuk Art Center on a weekend or late afternoon

If your soul asks for art and you are drawn to the Pinchuk Art Center, keep in mind that on the weekend you will have to stand in line to get inside. So it is better to come here on weekdays or weekends in the morning, or stoically stand in line. The main thing is not to come on Monday, as the center is closed on this day.

There is shawarma in unverified places

What to do in Kiev? Certainly not to eat shawarma from the first kiosk that comes across – you need to know the places so as not to face unforeseen consequences. Decent shawarma can be found in Bessarabka and in Middle Eastern restaurants. We will not list them – there are a lot of options and Google will tell you the best ones. But we strongly do not recommend eating shawarma from stalls near the metro.

Catch a taxi on the street

In the days of services like Uber, this advice seems obvious, but if you suddenly feel that you are getting hooked by drivers, run. Otherwise, you will most likely face an exorbitant price tag. This is especially true for trips from the station and, of course, the airport.

Use the application to call a taxi or order in one of the services, so you can get where you need to at an adequate price.


Respond to calls from animators with birds and other animals

Let’s say a confident “No!” exploitation of animals. No matter how the animators get into the trust, ignore them and walk by. You will hardly speak and you will not notice how a dove will already be sitting on your hand, and a monkey on your shoulder. Once or twice, and you already have 50-100 UAH for a photo that you absolutely do not need and your child too.

Buy food on the Bessarabian market

Bessarabka is undoubtedly a legendary place where you should look for the atmosphere, but not for food. Prices are very high there! However, if you are trading like a pro, you can try your luck.


Consider that you can learn and get around Kiev in a day

This is certainly not the case. Kiev is the sixth largest city in Europe, therefore, unlike tiny European towns, one day to the capital is not enough. During this time, you will only run around the center, Podil in a hurry, quickly see the main attractions and take a photo against the background of the Dnieper. It takes at least 3 days to get to know Kiev at a calm pace and with taste and taste.

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